Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hot air balloons

Growing up Boise always had an event called Boise River Festival. It was awesome! Always the highlight of summer in my youth. In 2003 the city ended it due to funding. Part of the festival was always hot air balloons. My dad would always wake up at 6 a.m. and wake up whoever wanted to go to. The balloons typically take off every morning for 3 days. And on the last day they did a night light balloon show. Well, like I said that all ended 7 years ago. This year Boise decided to do the hot air balloon part again. I was SO excited! I asked Rillz if we could invite my siblings over for a bbq then all go down together since my house is only 5 minutes away from the park. Rillz of course was on board. I called Kristi, Heidi, and Brent and come to find out they were all planning to go too. My mom and dad were both out of town so they missed the get together. I was excited to show off my kitchen (which I will post about soon). Last week Rillz and I worked our butts off to get the house ready for everyone. Lots of dusting! Anyways, we had a great meal and great company. We even skyped my dad (who is in Germany right now) so every one could say hi to him.

What is Brent doing? A little meditation doesn't hurt I guess.

After eating we headed to Ann Morrison Park for the Night Light hot air balloons. We all enjoyed it but everyone was saying it wasn't as magnificant as we remembered. Not as much balloon participation. But we hope if they continue to do this every year more balloons will get involved and the event will only get bigger. The balloons that were there were pretty when lit up.

I was able to take a picture of every couple/family:
Heidi, Ren and Camden (the lump of course)

Kristi, Jeff, Gunnar, and Brecken. Gunnar was trying to make a funny face but I took the picture sooner than he thought. That is why he looks SUPER happy in this picture
Brent, Noelle, and Hazel
Me and Rillz. Man, I look so white next to him. (ok I know I am white but you know, this is REALLY white looking)
There were so many people!
After the balloons we went back to my house and had rootbeer floats and celebrated Brents 26th birthday.

Thanks family for making this get together great!


katy said...

Wow, How fun. I remember the river festival. It was way fun. I don't remember the hot air balloons though. Your family is so cute. I like that you spend so much time together. I tried to get a peek of your kitchen in the background. The part I saw looks great. Oh yeah. It's so funny you even skyped your Dad in. That cracks me up.

Kristi M. said...

I totally remember going to the River Festival with the Cluffs. Way fun. Heidi looks hilarious in pretty much all of the pictures that she didn't know were being taken. We had such a fun weekend over there. Makes me smile that we all had intentions of heading down there anyway. Glad that we could do it all together.

Penny Cluff said...

I loved the River Festival when it was total boats lit up...now balloons too. I remember going to several with your family. What fun. It is nice just to remember what water in a river actually looks like. Where are those kitchen redo pics?

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh! Beautiful babies! Breckin has the roundest head, but he is so precious! And Heidi looks so cute! And Kristy doesn't even look like she had a baby! What the heck? I hope that happens to me! Those balloons look SWEET. Great pics.