Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bath Time

I was going to be in Caldwell most of the day yesterday so I called Kristi and asked if my dogs could play with Diesel at her house all day. So, Saturday I dropped them off at Kristis. Of course all three dogs were so excited. They played, and played, and played!! It was rainy out so they all got REALLY dirty. Last night I brought them home and put them right to bed. This morning they got baths. Both dogs are great in the bath. They make me laugh. Malu always stands over Simon. The dirt falling off them was crazy!! I could have made mud pies.

Waiting for their bath

It's harder to wash Simon when there is a big dog on top of him.

Waiting to get dried off.

Malu looks real happy. haha

Right when they get out of the bath they both go to find any sort of material to rub all over.

Squeaky clean. They have been sleeping ever since. Yesterday just wore them out.


HeidiT said...

I've never seen Simon all wet - he looks so cute with his hair all wacky like that :)

Kristi M. said...

The funny thing is Diesel wears out your dogs far more than them wearing out my dog. Diesel is ready to go for another straight day. I wish he wasn't.