Friday, December 31, 2010

The new year is coming

2010 was definitely a year of new opportunities and adventures.
Things that happened:
*First off, we didn't know where Rillz was going as far as work. He decided to leave Kanack Attack the first week in January. The catering company he had helped build the last 10 years and that he loved. We felt comfortable with the decision of leaving. He didn't have another job yet so we weren't sure where we were going to get the money for all the bills and 2 mortgages. But we knew he needed to leave to have happiness and sanity. Now Rillz is working for a retirement community in their kitchen and there is great opportunity there for him!
*Rillz got a motorcycle. It saved us money on gas and Rillz just LOVES his bike! Ren and Rillz were able to bond a lot this summer going on bike rides.
*We rented out Rillz's house! What a blessing to find a GREAT renter so quickly. We were coming close with struggling on the mortgages. We prayed that an answer would come and the next day we had people wanting to rent the house. We are so pleased with the guy renting the house too! Just feel really blessed with that one!
*Remodeled the kitchen. Wow! Talk about a lot of work and learning new skills!
*Made a bed frame. Fun!
*Had my first garden. Actually got fruits/veggies from it. Pretty proud of myself.
*My work is going great and steady.
*Had 3 new nieces/nephew born this year
*Went to Florida to visit Girlie and David (Rillz's sister and brother-in-law)
*Came back from Florida to a Parvo dog that costed thousands and a leaking main water pipe that skyrocketed the water bill.
Overall, not a bad year. We are healthy and happy. I know great things will happen for 2011. I'm thinking more exercise, a couple trips to Hawaii, an engagement ring (hopefully wedding in 2011 too), jobs getting better, me making time for classes towards my degree. Yes, all this will be happening!
P.S. Do you like my blog background? It's my birthday next week so why not!
Happy New Year!


Danielle said...

Awesome awesome! 2011 sounds pretty exciting! I hope you get everything you want :)

Penny Cluff said...

Wow, what a great year. I got to see your kitchen personally. Just that accomplishment alone would have made my year! I am happy for Rilz job and your renter. These challenges sure help to make us appreciate the easy times uh? So glad you had a good holiday. Love.


ahhhhhh I hope you get engaged! That would be so exciting! I loev how you just put on there for everyone to see- including Rilz. You did have a huge year! So glad you guys got a renter- what a blessing- and the leak? yowsa- didn't hear about that one- that is awful! so sorry!