Friday, December 10, 2010

caldwell holiday parade

A couple years ago we started a tradition to go to Kristi's and eat yummy tortilla soup (or whatever Kristi calls it), go to the Caldwell night light parade, and then back to Kristi's for apple crisp. It is always a lot of fun and will only get more fun when the little kids start getting older.

Brecken is SO chubby and cute!

Kristi and I both looked at this picture and said... "oh yeah, this ones a keeper look how cute I look". Of course we were only looking at ourselves. Haha. Brecken was really tired. He would close his eyes until a float would go by. He loved the lights.

Oh my, you can see WAY into the back of his mouth. Gunnar had so much fun! He was really great and silly.

All the guys.

There were a lot of toy story themed floats.

This guy was pretty funny. He was buzz lightyear hanging from a crane

This had me cracking up. They put christmas lights on the cows back.

Thanks Kristi and Jeff for doing this every year! We had a blast.


Kristi M. said...

This has become a really fun tradition. I like the low key no stress get togethers. Helps that the menu consists of two super easy one dish things. I love the first picture of Brecken. His eyes are so big and blue. I also can't believe you got a picture of Gunnar's mouth. So weird looking. Next year we will have 3 kids old enough to get it. That will be fun.

Danielle said...

Looks like lots of fun!!!! How nice that you guys all live so close to each other.