Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hawaii update

Yesterday, Monday, my mom, dad, and Nan got in. My mom and dad came in first in the morning. Rillz and I met them at the airport. Rillz felt really sick. He had a fever and was shaking all night, sore throat... the whole bit. So he just dropped me off with my parents and went back to the house, took meds and slept ALL day. In the meantime I hung out with my parents. We went to try on my dress and find my mom a dress to wear for the wedding. I took them to Zippys to eat. And then we went to where my mom and dad are staying in Waianae. My dad and I went walking on the beach together for a while. It was nice. That night we had to pick up Nan at the airport so went back into town and stopped at the Navy Commisary before to pick up groceries. That was my Monday. I got to spend it with my parents.

Today, Tuesday, Brent came into town. Kristi, Jeff, the boys, Rillz, mom, dad, Nan, Brent and I all went to Pearl Harbor. It was nice to revisit now that I am actually old enough to care and understand. I actually took pictures today.

After Pearl Harbor, Rillz and I took off back to the house. We had a 3 hour job ahead of us. We cleaned and filled 180 bottles of soy sauce for our wedding favors. Girlie helped quite a bit too. Thanks :) Now I just have 100 more for the Idaho reception.

On a side note: Girlie and I went to Longs grocery store and someone crapped in the middle of the shampoo aisle. So GROSS! A huge pile of doodoo just sitting there.

Tomorrow will be busy. Swap meet in the morning, pick up dress and bridal party outfits, pay final bill for reception (yikes!), find mens shoes, stay at our friends Davy and Darcy.... the list goes on. Better get my sleep! Goodnight.


HeidiT said...

I'm glad every one made it safe! It looks cloudy there - is it supposed to be good weather on Saturday? Wish we were there!!!!!!

katy said...

wow, its really here. Sounds like a lot of fun but very busy. I love helping with weddings. I wish I was there to help and just to support you. How did somebody poop in an aisle. Yuck. Was it people poop. Anyway, I love that pic of the boys leaning against the fence. I miss you all. I can't believe you are so busy and in Hawaii and you can find time to blog. You rock. Good luck with everything.