Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hawaii so far...

My (oops I mean our) wedding is in a week! Crazy!!! I (I mean we) got into Hawaii on Monday. We started meeting with vendors Tuesday and getting everything in order. My soon to be mother in law said she knew a really good seamstress that could do my dress. I wasn't worried because I just wanted a simple dress in aloha print material. How could you screw that up? On Tuesday that was the first place we went. OH MY GOSH!!! It was worse than the worst image I had in my head. The lady told me, "The picture you gave me just looked so plain so I added this.. and this... and this". Oh hell no. How do I get out of this one? So we kindly told her this is NOT what we were looking for but we would pay for the material that it cost her. The dress basically looked like this except for strapless so no sleeves and just went straight across. But the material and all that crappy doiley looking stuff and lace... yep. That was on there.

It's like that dress came straight out of 1990. Needless to say, I had no dress. I will admit I had a break down. The only time I have cried (so far) over any wedding stuff. I just felt hopeless. How was I going to find a new one in a place a didn't know without my sisters or mom. Rillz took me around places that day. We got stressed and finally said screw it... lets go to the beach. So we spent a couple hours on the beach. How nice!

Wednesday we woke up and went for a long walk. Then went searching for a dress. I got my bridesmaids dresses made at a place called T & L muumuu factory and shipped them to Hawaii. So I had a brilliant idea to look them up and see if they were on Oahu. They were! So we went. Everything on the floor that was already made was way to short. Of course. I mean, I do tower over everybody. So we told them our situation. Just so happens that while we were there, the dress designer was there too and totally willing to make my dress how I want it in a week! FOR REAL! The stress just melted. Better yet, they said they would just make Rillz's shirt and the groomsmens shirts. Those ladies in that shop are AMAZING! I have already gone in for a dress fitting. I LOVE it so far!

Wednesday night we met with the florist Christine. She has been great too! Helping with so much. And then went to meet Bing at the Pacific Beach Hotel where our reception is going to be. Everything went so smooth and easy.

Thursday we met with Reverand Mike Nelson. We were a little sad that a close family friend wasn't able to marry us to make it more special. But Reverand Nelson was nice enough. We also met the photographer. She is so funny. I can't wait to work with her on photos! Her company is Just once photography. I found her on craigslist so was a little worried. But all is good. Thursday Rillz's sister, husband and baby came into town. We were all excited to see them. That night we had a lot of family over for the baby's birthday and a cousin, Nathan, birthday.

Friday Rillz and I just hung out with family in the morning and then went to Davy and Darceys house to relax. And Rillz wanted to watch the BSU game (Davy used to play for BSU so loves watching the games).

Today is Saturday and we are getting ready for Graceys (our niece) first birthday. Let me tell you, first birthdays hawaiian style are NUTS! Spend thousands of dollars on them and we are expecting 250-300 people. Yep... NUTS! So we have been putting together goody bags and preparing food.... the list goes on. Kristi and Jeff and the boys come into today in about an hour to be there for the party too. They are staying until the 27th (when we leave back to Idaho). I am excited. They are staying at Rillz's parents house with us. Don't worry. The house has PLENTY room! So that's how things are going so far. Time to go help again...

P.S. I haven't even taken one picture yet with my camera. So terrible.


Danielle said...

Wow! I can't believe that dress situation!!??!! It's like..uh...why would I send you a picture of what i want if i didn't want it?! Deary me. I'm glad you found someone to make another one! Can't wait to see the photos and everything. How exciting!

katy said...

That is so funny that you say "my wedding". I did that all the time when I was planning my wedding. Curtis would look at me like I was a crazy lady. I really thought that was your dress. I was scared. I hope everything goes good with your wedding. Good luck finding a dress.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh my gosh, your dress situation. Why are people SOOOOOO stupid!!!!! I would have had a MAJOR meltdown. I'm so glad you found a dress. I can't believe you paid for the one you didn't want! You didn't pay her to embellish it! It was her own fault! Oh well. Can't wait to see all your pics of the big day!

Penny Cluff said...

Min, best laugh I have had in soooo long. You said a dress from the 1990's.. . I think 80's. it even looked like it had shoulder pads with a big grandma doiley over the whole thing. So unMindy. I am thinking of you often and love you so much. Hope the rest of it goes smoothly. Keep us little people that could not fly to Hawaii posted on all the details.