Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Surfing and Catameran

Brent, Kristi, and Jeff wanted to give surfing a try while in Hawaii. We asked our friend (basically Rillz's brother) Davy to teach them how to surf and take them out. I had a lot of fun watching everyone. Mali, Davy's 4 year old likes to go out and surf so she taught everyone how to get up on the board. She is just adorable. It was entertaining watching Brent, Kristi, and Jeff attempt fake surfing on grass.
Kristi getting lessons...

Jeff getting lessons...

Mali and her dolly

Me and Mali teaching Brecken and Dolly how to surf.

Brecken... natural surfer!

Rillz and I chose not to attempt the surfing just in case we broke our faces or something before our wedding day.

After surf lessons on the grass we went to Waikiki to take lessons out in the real world. We got to the beach and Davy asked us if we wanted to ride a catameran. Every one wanted to so we docked the surf boards and jumped on. It lasted about 1 1/2 hours. I enjoyed it. So relaxing out in the water. Mali got boat sick and Kristi did a little too. But other then that it was nice.

By the way... There is no Gunnar in pictures because that day he went with Grandma and papa to Polynesian Cultural Center.

After the catameran Jeff, Kristi, Brent, and Davy took the surf boards out. Davys mom and dad, Rillz and I took care of Brecken and Mali. Not sure why I didn't take pictures but it was a lot of fun. Rillz and I were playing with the little ones on the beach and a lady said "you guys have such cute kids". I had to tell her... neither of them are ours. But they do look like they could have been.

Kristi, Jeff, and Brent were sore the next day and arms were tired but all of them had a great time and all got up on their boards.

We went back to Davys house and Davy tried to convince us to stay for dinner. We had family flying in from Alaska. Davy and Rillz convinced me to call mom Rivera and ask if we could stay for dinner. They knew mom would tell them no but tell me yes. It worked. So we stayed. They made grilled oysters and steak and bought some poke! What a great night with family.

What a good day!


Kristi M. said...

Loved, loved, LOVED surfing!! So glad that I did it and had a blast. I can't believe I can actually do it. Can't wait to go again. Mali, oh Mali with her bebe. She cracks me up. Can't wait to go through my pictures.

katy said...

How cool is that. I can't imagine kristi on a surf board. Too funny. How cool to have this awesome vacation with the family then top it off with marrying the love of your life. You definitely can't beat that. Congrats by the way. I am so happy for you.

HeidiT said...

Mali is adorable! Looks like fun, although if we were there we probably would have been at the PCC with the old folks because we both have a healthy fear of the ocean. Snorkeling, wading around in the water - doable, but surfing might have been pushing it!