Saturday, December 29, 2012

Babies closet is done

Rillz and I finished babies closet. We are happy how it turned out. We were really excited to set up the crib and get everything out for baby that we already have.
The closet before... small door that didn't even close

Couldn't reach in the sides of the closet.
New closet opening and shelves. We are going to hang a curtain to cover the opening. I love it! I can access everything and can store so much more.
This is the rug we bought our sweet girl for her room
We love her crib! We bought it off craigslist and have the toddler rail and full size bed rails if we want to use them.
A baby bassinet we got from my boss. He is from Ireland and his dad made this from a tree wood that only grows in Ireland. When they moved to the U.S. with the girls they brought this bassinet with them. It is big and pretty! I am excited to use it for our daughter.
We still have all the decorating to do in her room. Still not exactly sure on a design or color scheme. But, we are off to a good start!


HeidiT said...

It turned out so great, the space is so much more usable. I need to get you the box of newborn clothes so you can start organizing them in there.