Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas to all

Christmas eve and Christmas were fun! On Christmas Eve the Hollingsworth family did the usual tradition of movie and breakfast dinner. I was spending the night at my parents so dropped off my dogs at Kristi's to have a playdate with Diesel. Kristi and Gunnar had been throwing up all night and weren't doing so well so had to forgo the movie. We all went and saw The Rise of the Guardians. That movie was pretty cute. Actually I thought it was kinda weird, but the kids all loved it (except Cami who kept herself busy running up and down the aisle). Santa had tattoos and the easter bunny was australian. Different views of each then I had pictured from childhood I guess. We all then went to my parents to make breakfast. A big thanks to Heidi, dad, and Brent who made all of it. For some reason I was distracted and didn't help at all. Oops. Breakfast dinner was super yummy as usual. After we ate we opened gifts. We love what was generously given to us and enjoyed watching everyone else open what they were given. Rillz unfortunetely worked all day and missed out except on the end of opening gifts.
Christmas day started off with a leisurely morning until I got a call from Jeff saying one of my dogs poo'd in her crate. For real!?! So I went over there. Jeff kindly cleaned out the crate and we packed the dogs in the truck. I went home, washed their crates, washed all three dogs, and washed myself before rushing off to my Aunt Nancy's christmas party that she has every year. It was a lot of fun but boy was I exhausted!
This was our last Christmas with no kids! Crazy to think.
A nice picture of Heidi and Ren

 Kristi feeling sick but still making the best out of family Christmas
 Heidi doing the Noelle trademark candy cane sign ;)
 Miss Iris playing on the kid chair
 Cami looking worried about something

 Rillz opening up his new wallet from my parents
 Baby Rivera got a little peoples nativity set for next christmas that I am so excited about! Our baby says thanks Brent and Noelle! She also got diapers and an outfit from them for christmas.
Merry Christmas everyone and happy last days of 2012!


HeidiT said...

Wow, a picture of Ren and I where Ren wasn't making faces...impressive. I didn't see much of the movie but it was a bit odd, just a different style the I like. Christmas Eve was fun, next year baby Rivera will be there too!!