Thursday, November 12, 2009

50th birthday bash!

Some of you might have read on Heidi's blog about the surprise party we had for my dad. I was so excited for it when planning until it started getting closer. Kristi was in charge of invites (which were awesome), Heidi was in charge of making the cake (so yummy and really neat looking), Heidi also did decorating with Noelle (very creatively done), and I was in charge of food. Oh and the guys helped with whatever we told them to do. So naturally as time got closer I stressed a little more everyday. Cooking a whole luau menu for 100 people?!? And it doesn't help that my oven is half the size of a normal one. When the party was all said and done I don't know why I stressed over it. I didn't do any of the cooking anyway! :) I helped shop for all of it and transport it and rented the chafing dishes and whatever else needed rented. Thats about it. Rillz was so kind to help out with it! I mean, it is what he does everyday. Without him I would have cried my way through cooking (or more like burning) all the food. Everyone helped with the food too. It was a really fun party and with all of us doing our parts made planning a party easier for everyone. My dad claims he had no idea, which I believe him. My mom did a great job getting him to the church building without him suspecting anything.
This is the cake Heidi and Ren made. It was really good tasting too! They have gotten really good at making shape cakes with fondant. Heidi makes her own fondant which tastes so much better than the store bought.
Here was the room setup

This was one of the centerpieces. I like how they turned out.

Here is the entrance table with pictures of my dad and a lei for everyone.

This was taken right when my dad walked in. He looked so happy.

My Aunt Cathy came from Arizona just for the party. This is my dad noticing her there. That was very unexpected for my dad to see her at the party.

This is the hula group in our newest costumes. I think the costume is so cute! Wow check out my white legs and arms.
Well, that was the party. It was a blast! Happy 50th birthday dad! We love you.


Kristi M. said...

Now I am going to have to steal your pictures for my blog. I think food ended up in your court because of Rillz. We probably would have had to rethink the entire thing if he wasn't around. He was soooo much help and you guys did an awesome job! I had a blast planning this with all of us.