Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scion XB

So.... lately my jaw has been hurting... I diagnosed myself with having the problem of smiling to much! I just bought the car that I almost bought 2 1/2 years ago. My old car , VW Passat, got me around but was falling apart quick. I was already upside down in the loan and it was only going to get worse.

I am so against buying brand new cars. They just typically loose so much value right when you drive them off the lot. So what do I do...(after a LOT of research) I buy a brand spankin new 2010 car. The brand new one was only about $1500 more than a used 2008 or 2009 and it comes with amazing warranties. So why not. It had 23 miles on it when I bought it. I thought I was going to vomit or pee or something. So nerve racking. But don't worry you guys I am ok! This car lot only gets one Scion XB about every 2 months or so and the one they had was the exact color I wanted. So pretty. Its called Stingray metal.

This is how many miles when I got home in my driveway.
Here she is. Not great pictures because its raining outside and its cold.

Her rear end. Looks like a minivan? Hop in kids.
Some people love them (like me) and some people hate them (like Kristi). Haha. Funny story... none of my family new I was even looking for a car let alone got a new one and I pulled up at hula practice on Saturday the same time Heidi and Kristi did. The first words out of Kristi's mouth were "THAT THING IS UGLY" Yes, yelling it because she was across the street. And Heidi says "isn't that what you were going to buy a couple years ago? Why didn't you just buy it then?" Like I said... not everyone likes them and thats ok! I happen to love my beauty! Oh and Kristi...that means I don't have to drive you anywhere! haha.


Kristi M. said...

Totally true...I think it is so ugly. Heidi and I think it looks like a toaster. However I will never turn down a free, not using my gas ride. So come pick me up anytime. :)

Heidi said...

I didn't think about the minivan look until you just mentioned it...maybe that's why I am no too fond of them. But, I do have to say they look a lot better than the models from when you were first looking a couple yrs ago.

Penny Cluff said...

The car is you Mindy...cute. As to your blog comment on peeing or vomiting? Just make sure you don't do it in the car. Also, love your red cabinets. Wow.