Sunday, November 8, 2009

Malu's new accessories

So Ren has been working really hard on Malu's dog collar. He is an amazing crafter and since he loves Malu he wanted to make a leather collar for her. (Which Ren probably regrets to volunteering himself for the job). Rillz thought it would be cool to put shark teeth on it. When we were in Hawaii we went and got the shark jaw from the shark his uncle caught when Rillz was in 6th grade. Anyways, this is how it turned out...

The shark teeth kept cutting through the string and so Ren had to sit there and file all of them down in three different spots. Wow patience! It is a gorgeous collar and we love it so much but unfortunetly our clothes, couch, blankets, and Simon do not agree with the shark teeth too much. So it is a special collar for going out for walks, to the pet store, and when others come over to the house. We also don't want the teeth to get ripped off.

Also, I am a non-believer in clothes for dogs. But, we got Malu and she HATES the cold. Her body cannot handle it. So we actually bought her a coat for practical reasons. Now I am a believer that some dogs really do need clothes. I hate to convert into a believer to tell you the truth but it gets cold in Idaho and, until she learns how to use the toilet inside, going outside is unavoidable. It really is cute though and she doesn't mind it being on. P.S. make fun of me all
you want for buying my dog a coat (because to be honest if I was reading someones blog about dog clothes I would say its dumb).

The fur around the neck shows her personality well... prissy. We take her on walks and she will not step in a puddle or muddy area for the sake of her pretty little paws. What a girly girl.

FYI: Simon does not get doggie clothes because he has plenty of warm hair and would hate to wear one anyways. Thats all I have for you on Malu. Ok peace out.


Kristi M. said...

At the zeitgeist there was a dog with a coat running around. It was a really skinny bigger dog with super short hair. Looks like it had greyhound in it. some dogs just can't handle it. I would do the same if I had that problem. We also saw a purebred boxer that was a little over 100lbs. The owners said that when they got him he kept growing taller and taller than out. They had no idea what was going on because that is not a normal size for a boxer. He was pretty cute. Gunnar loved him.