Sunday, November 22, 2009

start of kitchen remodel

Rillz and I have wanted to redo some things in the kitchen. We didn't know what and we didn't have much money. We knew we wanted a new sink, needed a new garbage disposal, tile the counter tops, and wanted to paint the cabinets... just to start. We really want to take down some walls, put new ones up, buy a new oven, blah blah goes on and on. We both didn't have to work at all last weekend. So we got off work at 6 on Friday and said... lets just go look at Lowe's at sinks and paint. We had been looking on craigslist too for kitchen stuff. Well, of course, sinks can burn a whole in the pocket so we just looked. The paint... well Lowe's was spendy on that too, if you can believe that... haha. Walmart was next door so we wanted to look around. We ended up at the paint section. We had no idea what color except to match our window curtain (which has a lot of colors). We looked at yellows.. not quite so we looked at browns... naw... but the red screamed at us. So we picked our shade. And we knew red stinks to paint but we were ready. We ended up staying up til 4:00 a.m. doing the cabinets. Oh and the inside color was a mess up can from Home Depot. So it cost us $1 to paint the inside.

How the kitchen was... dirty counters and all.

So gross... the old inside of the cabinets. We could have been killing ourselves by storing our dishes in these disgusting cabinets. Maybe lead... maybe mold... maybe just nasty shelf liner. Can you say 1970!

We had a long night ahead of us.

Out with the old and in with the new. Hello red! Still dirty cluttered counter tops!
Ta Da. Even with uncluttered counter tops. We are still working on that middle section. It is going to be a wine rack and wine glass area with lighting and glass! I am going fancy on y'all.

The sink we got from craigslist. I researched the sink and if brand new would have cost $500. On craigslist for a perfectly fine used one... $30. A brand new kitchen faucet on craigslist.. $30. I so love craigslist!
The old sink... yuck. It leaked and was cracked and the garbage disposal worked every once in a while. Also, there was no sprayer which drove me nuts. P.S. Rillz hates that green olive plate behind the sink.

So much better. We can fit a whole sheet pan on the right side. Look a sprayer! And look Rillz, no olive plate! The plumbing issue took a while and many trips to the store and many towels to clean up water before it was right! The sink is sooo clean and shiny! That's just water in the sinks that make it look murky in this picture. Since we were up til 4 and were doing Walmart runs... we noticed it was snowing hard for the first time this season! Notice the ghost thing in the bottom left corner of the picture. Yes, I just took down all my Halloween stuff a couple days ago. No need to mention its already Nov. 22. Hello, Mindy, get with the program.

We still have plenty to do. The tile counter tops and wine rack area are next.