Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coupon deals

It feels like I haven't posted on a great coupon run lately. Which is ok because it means I am not only focused on couponing. I get cheap groceries typically every week but just don't feel the need to blog as many. Todays was pretty good though so I will share.

I went to Albertsons this morning. I really needed sure-jell pectin because I am going to make strawberry jam today. (I got cheap strawberries at Fred Meyer last week knowing I wanted to make jam). I was able to get 4 pacs of sure-jell pectin, 3 Nestle tollhouse cookie doughs, 5 dole sensations juice, 6 cups of velveeta cheese, and 2 boca veggie patties. Without coupons and deals I would have paid $54.84 but with coupons/deals I really paid...$4.85 plus I still have $2 receipt survey to use on my next shopping trip. SO I paid less than $5 for 20 items. That is less than .25 cents per item. Ahhh I love a good savings.

Also, I don't think I can go a saturday in the summer without stopping at a garage sale. I got some good stuff this Saturday. I realized that this is the only way to buy clothes for summer. I also got the cutest baby swing shaped as a car for SUPER cheap! The only problem, I don't have a baby. Good thing both my sisters are though so I can put it to use. Mine looks like the picture except it is all grey and doesn't have those silly looking stickers on it. I am to lazy to take a picture of the one I actually have. Pathetic I know.

Well, I am going to take a nap then make strawberry jam and then water my garden/flowers. Peace out everyone. Have a nice Sunday.


HeidiT said...

Score, you got a receipt survey! I love it when I get those, it's like an added little bonus.

Kristi M. said...

I got my first receipt survey last week in a super long time. The cashier said the machine had been spitting them out frequently all day long.