Friday, May 28, 2010

I feel so behind

Is it just me or have I not blogged lately. I think about things to blog about often but then just don't find the time. Last Saturday Rillz and I went garage saleing. Yeah, I know, no surprise there but we bought a bread maker for $10 from a church sale. It didn't come with a manual which I was a bit worried about but I figured I could get it off the internet. Lucky for me it was very easy to find and print. So I made bread the other day. I started making the bread late at like 10:00 pm and it takes 3 hours. The bread shouldn't sit in the bread maker longer than an hour so therefore I had to wake up at 1 a.m. just to take the bread out of the bread maker. And to make things worse Rillz has bad allergies right now which is making him snore BAD. So I couldn't fall back to sleep easily. Oh-well. My bread machine worked though and the bread was edible!

Next thing, Kristi gave me a topsy turvy and I planted a jalapeno pepper plant. Rillz picked it out and I hope it grows or does something besides die on me. I want to can salsa this year so the more things I can grow the better. But, has anyone had success with the topsy turvy planter or even tried it (besides Kristi, she killed her tomato plant when she tried because she didn't water it) Grow little plant, grow!

Rillz made me a garden box. It is 6' x 3'. I wanted it 8' but the lumber price went WAY up just for 2 more feet. So I stuck with 6' instead. Nothing is planted in it yet because I am waiting to get (I never thought I would have to wait around for this) horse manure compost. That seems so weird that I am waiting for horse crap to plant my vegetable seeds. But it looks good. I just hope I remember to water these things.

Doesn't that look so nice.

Rillz and I went to Zamzoes (a local garden/animal place) to get chemical that makes pee stains go away in the yard. Thanks to Malu and her contribution to lawn maintenance, we have yellow patches. The guy told us to use Thrive. Thrive is good for everything! It helps with flowers, gardens, pee spots, shrubs, trees. It is some sort of fertilizer. I took pictures right after I applied some to the lawn to see if it will really work. Here is what the lawn looks like now...

the dogs pee in the first half and poop in the second half. It's kinda silly. Lets hope Thrive helps my lawn look a little less like a leopard.
Random... look at this pretty flower that is growing by the tree I hate most in our yard. Look how ugly that tree is in the back. It makes the flower look uglier.

One last thing, I follow this website that has a frock by friday thingy. This week I joined in. I am sad to say that I am lagging behind. I have Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday done. The Wednesday instructions I messed up one part and cut somewhere I shouldn't have and so I had to bandage it up. I am planning on pretty much finishing it tonight but I have plenty obsticles in my way. I have NEVER sewed a button whole in my life. I guess its easy but I will be the judge of that. I mean, I already messed some of it up and the hardest is yet to come. Oh man, wish me luck that this turns out to be wearable. I was going to post a picture of what it is supposed to look like but I can't figure it out right now so no picture for you folks. Well, off I go to continue working and then home to finish that stinkin dress.


Megan and Greg said...

I have totaly been lagging in the blog dept. too. I had no idea dog pee ruined grass! That is so funny that it's half and half. I thought it was so funny you talking about wanting horse crap. I think it's so strange too, like why doesn't the scent/flavor transfer to the plants? I have the same pretty flower in my yard! Is it an Iris? I have no idea!

Danielle said...

Oh MAN- I hate that...our lawn is just like yours! If that fertilizer stuff works- let me know!!! That's great you got a bread machine! And a garden box! Sounds awesome:) Can't wait to see what you grow in it!

Kristi M. said...

I love my bread machine for dough. Turns out everytime. Never tried the actual cooked bread. I love a deal. I totally watered my topsy turvy but it fell once, and then the dirt settled and I was so fed up with it by then. It was also last year when my entire garden suffered and I wasn't home enough. I can't wait to see if Thrive works. We have just a few spots but the entire lawn package did miracles. I think you should go for it this year. Your lawn will love you. That plant is an iris btw.

katy said...

You find the best things at yard sales. I feel like everyone has been a little blogging lazy lately. It's funny. I was for like a month then started again. I feel bad for you little lawn. Dogs are worth it though especially yours. They are just like kids. Making messes and ruining things you used to enjoy.