Thursday, May 6, 2010

Milkshakes, bird seed, and well... still the unfinished bed

On Tuesday I had a 2 hour brake from work. I was able to do some school work and other things I needed done. I decided to stop at a little local hamburger joint down the street called Burger Time. I wanted something to eat but not sure what. I got a corn dog, cheese curds (that looked like deer poop but tasted fantasticely fattening) and a wonderful jolly rancher watermelon milkshake. I ordered it kinda skeptically. The lady at the window said if I didn't like it she would make me a different one free of charge. Isn't that super nice! That is fast food service you would NEVER get at McDonalds or Burger King. I love local places! But it turned out being SO yummy!
I have had it in my possession for about 5 minutes and already done some deep damage to the milkshake. You can't go wrong with anything pink either!

I have a bird feeder that I got at a yard sale last year in the fall. I hung it up on a hook right outside my kitchen window. I LOVE looking at it. I wasn't able to fill it with bird seed for a while though because it was winter. Well, I filled it about a month ago and the birds love it... therefore, I except the HUGE mess they make and leave behind. Remember that pretty window box I have, well the flowers and dirt are filled with bird seed. Oh well, the birds are worth it so the bird feeder stays.

Crappy picture of my bird feeder. The bright blue Napa auto part store wall and blue dumpster kinda take the pretty and nature out of the beauty of the birds and feeder. Oh well, I try.
See all those little things in the dirt... no it is not flower food or miracle grow. It is the bird seed that the birds scatter everywhere!
Still working on the bed frame. I stained the footboard and the...well almost the whole headboard but then tragic struck. I had gotten free stain from my dad which is great. Saves me money right?!? Well, I ran out. I looked at stores and on the internet for this brand and stain color. The brand DID NOT exist. Are you serious? Turns out the brand had been bought out to a different company. I did end up getting a different brand of the same color name, which is Salem Maple, and the stain colors matched perfectly. Thank goodness! Last night I stained the rest of the headboard. Then Rillz polyerothained the pieces. I would be done with the stinkin bed frame if it wasn't for chasing down the stain. Oh well. I must say it is looking pretty good!

First of all, staining inside the house is NOT a good idea. Can I say passing out from the fumes! Oh well, beats being freezing and in the dark outside. Anyways, this is the headboard before being coated with the clear gloss. Just looks shiny from the camera flash. This is the stain color though. I can definitely say I am no good at staining! It is kinda hard and can't believe my first staining project was such a big piece of furniture.

This is the footboard after it's first coat of clear gloss.

Hopefully the bed frame is complete tomorrow and I can have my living room and kitchen back. Not mention I can continue on my bedroom makeover and finally get to those terribly out of place red curtains.

Happy Thursday everyone!


Kristi M. said...

You can easily feed the birds in the winter. They actually love it because food is harder to get. I LOVE the stain color. It is a really nice medium and I am so glad that you were able to find it. What a headache or was it a headache from staining in your house. I told Jeff what you said when you walked in your house the other day...about the fumes. He said what was she thinking doing it in the house knowing that it would be really bad. Can't wait to see it all put together.

HeidiT said...

I've always wanted to try that burger joint - there's just something about a little place off the side of the road that is SO much better than chain fast food places.
The stain looks great, especially for your first time ever. Can't wait to see the whole thing put together.