Saturday, May 1, 2010

Panties in a knot

So Rillz and I have started the construction of the Farmhouse bed plans.

Rillz bought the wood yesterday at home depot. Then last night, we went to Lowes and Walmart. We tried to find 4 1/2" screws with no success. At walmart I was frustrated in what color stain I should do it. We were going to buy an air compressor... but didn't. It was just a really frustrating night. I DEFINITELY had my panties in a knot! Therefore, both Rillz and I were just frustrated. We rented a redbox movie, The men who stare at goats. But we didn't want to watch it. We just went to bed instead. Well, I woke up at 7 nice and refreshed. I have hula practice at 11. I want to go to Ace Hardware and garage sales. But all I am doing right now is watching the movie The Men Who Stare At Goats. I was just going to watch some of it during breakfast but it is kinda interesting. Not to appropriate as I have only been watching for 15 minutes and plenty of fowl language, drugs, and I saw some boobies (portraying the '60s era of freedom). But the movie has me hooked. I hope I can pull myself away to go visit yard sales and Ace Hardware. Anyways, I hope my bed building day goes better than last night. Wish me luck.


Kristi M. said...

Drama! hehe. Can't wait to see the finished bed. A headboard/footboard will immediately make your room look so much better.

Danielle said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see it! Good luck:)

Megan and Greg said...

I am totally in the same spot with being frustrated right now! And the "can't pull away from this random movie" situation. Have been there SO MANY times. But they're always on tv with commercials so it wastes so much time. Your bed is so ambitious! I can't wait to see it!