Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Couponing deal

So I haven't blogged about a coupon deal for a while. I am still getting PLENTY of items for super cheap with coupons/deals. But I have been so busy with the kitchen to want to write about any of them. Here is my purchase from last night at Albertsons...

9- boxes of Pringles Stix

2- bags chocolate chex mix (yummy chocolate mix but the preztles kinda ruin it)

6- 4 packs of sparkling juicy juice (surprisingly still 70% juice. The apple flavor kinda tastes like red bull)

1- dozen eggs (the only thing I really needed from the store)

5- kids colgate toothpaste (I donate it to the homeless shelter)

3- 3 packs of ivory soap

4- container pringles

All this for $6.23. Plus I got a $2 survey to use on my next shopping trip.

These are things I normally wouldn't get or need but since they were pretty much free they are great things to have around or donate.


Penny Cluff said...

I am so impressed that you thought to give to the homeless shelter. What a cool thing to do.