Friday, December 31, 2010

If you listen it may = fun

Have you heard this song on the radio? Just so happens I LOVE when it comes on! Makes me move. Enjoy.

The new year is coming

2010 was definitely a year of new opportunities and adventures.
Things that happened:
*First off, we didn't know where Rillz was going as far as work. He decided to leave Kanack Attack the first week in January. The catering company he had helped build the last 10 years and that he loved. We felt comfortable with the decision of leaving. He didn't have another job yet so we weren't sure where we were going to get the money for all the bills and 2 mortgages. But we knew he needed to leave to have happiness and sanity. Now Rillz is working for a retirement community in their kitchen and there is great opportunity there for him!
*Rillz got a motorcycle. It saved us money on gas and Rillz just LOVES his bike! Ren and Rillz were able to bond a lot this summer going on bike rides.
*We rented out Rillz's house! What a blessing to find a GREAT renter so quickly. We were coming close with struggling on the mortgages. We prayed that an answer would come and the next day we had people wanting to rent the house. We are so pleased with the guy renting the house too! Just feel really blessed with that one!
*Remodeled the kitchen. Wow! Talk about a lot of work and learning new skills!
*Made a bed frame. Fun!
*Had my first garden. Actually got fruits/veggies from it. Pretty proud of myself.
*My work is going great and steady.
*Had 3 new nieces/nephew born this year
*Went to Florida to visit Girlie and David (Rillz's sister and brother-in-law)
*Came back from Florida to a Parvo dog that costed thousands and a leaking main water pipe that skyrocketed the water bill.
Overall, not a bad year. We are healthy and happy. I know great things will happen for 2011. I'm thinking more exercise, a couple trips to Hawaii, an engagement ring (hopefully wedding in 2011 too), jobs getting better, me making time for classes towards my degree. Yes, all this will be happening!
P.S. Do you like my blog background? It's my birthday next week so why not!
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

baking day

Yesterday I spent time baking Christmas goodies with my sisters, sister-in-law, and mom. I had fun spending time with them.

Haha! Ren was eating the treats and this is the picture I got of him.
I uploaded the pictures on my computer and found that my camera had been borrowed for pictures of Camden. But don't worry, I don't mind
Here is Brecken helping us bake on the counter. He was unhappy because both of his binkies were eatin by dogs so he had to borrow one from Camden and was NOT happy.

Gunnar helped Noelle with her goodies and they floured a little more than the countertop!

No big deal that the baby has a pill bottle. Haha (don't get your panties in a knot... the bottles empty)

Martha Stewart at her best!

Thanks girls for all the help! I had a lot of fun.

Bath Time

I was going to be in Caldwell most of the day yesterday so I called Kristi and asked if my dogs could play with Diesel at her house all day. So, Saturday I dropped them off at Kristis. Of course all three dogs were so excited. They played, and played, and played!! It was rainy out so they all got REALLY dirty. Last night I brought them home and put them right to bed. This morning they got baths. Both dogs are great in the bath. They make me laugh. Malu always stands over Simon. The dirt falling off them was crazy!! I could have made mud pies.

Waiting for their bath

It's harder to wash Simon when there is a big dog on top of him.

Waiting to get dried off.

Malu looks real happy. haha

Right when they get out of the bath they both go to find any sort of material to rub all over.

Squeaky clean. They have been sleeping ever since. Yesterday just wore them out.

Friday, December 10, 2010

caldwell holiday parade

A couple years ago we started a tradition to go to Kristi's and eat yummy tortilla soup (or whatever Kristi calls it), go to the Caldwell night light parade, and then back to Kristi's for apple crisp. It is always a lot of fun and will only get more fun when the little kids start getting older.

Brecken is SO chubby and cute!

Kristi and I both looked at this picture and said... "oh yeah, this ones a keeper look how cute I look". Of course we were only looking at ourselves. Haha. Brecken was really tired. He would close his eyes until a float would go by. He loved the lights.

Oh my, you can see WAY into the back of his mouth. Gunnar had so much fun! He was really great and silly.

All the guys.

There were a lot of toy story themed floats.

This guy was pretty funny. He was buzz lightyear hanging from a crane

This had me cracking up. They put christmas lights on the cows back.

Thanks Kristi and Jeff for doing this every year! We had a blast.


This year thanksgiving was pretty low key. Everyone was going to their in-laws this year so Rillz, my mom and I were just going to go out and eat. Heidi and Ren ended up not going to Ren's parents so we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's with the 5 1/2 of us. (The 1/2 is baby Camden! Haha) We all pitched in on bringing food. I made super nasty green bean salad. The recipe was terrible and Rillz made pumpkin pies, the pies were good of course. I got to my moms early and made creme brulee french toast. Then Heidi and I went shopping at Walgreens for some AWESOME deals! Dinner wasn't until 5 because Rillz got off work at 3:30. In the meantime Ren and I went searching for Hurley and Malu. The two dogs decided to take themselves on a LONG walk. We couldn't find them for 3 hours. Malu ended up coming back 3 hours later without Hurley. We have no idea where they went. When Heidi and I were on our way back from Walgreens Heidi spotted Hurley walking leisurely down someones driveway. Crazy dogs. So by 5 we had both dogs back and were ready for dinner. Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing. I got a lot of Camden time! I was a DEFINITE baby hog!!

Look at that happy little family!

This is my mom's dog sitting at the Thanksgiving table. Gross.

Naughty Malu. She was in trouble

Feed me!

Happy Holidays!