Friday, December 10, 2010


This year thanksgiving was pretty low key. Everyone was going to their in-laws this year so Rillz, my mom and I were just going to go out and eat. Heidi and Ren ended up not going to Ren's parents so we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's with the 5 1/2 of us. (The 1/2 is baby Camden! Haha) We all pitched in on bringing food. I made super nasty green bean salad. The recipe was terrible and Rillz made pumpkin pies, the pies were good of course. I got to my moms early and made creme brulee french toast. Then Heidi and I went shopping at Walgreens for some AWESOME deals! Dinner wasn't until 5 because Rillz got off work at 3:30. In the meantime Ren and I went searching for Hurley and Malu. The two dogs decided to take themselves on a LONG walk. We couldn't find them for 3 hours. Malu ended up coming back 3 hours later without Hurley. We have no idea where they went. When Heidi and I were on our way back from Walgreens Heidi spotted Hurley walking leisurely down someones driveway. Crazy dogs. So by 5 we had both dogs back and were ready for dinner. Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing. I got a lot of Camden time! I was a DEFINITE baby hog!!

Look at that happy little family!

This is my mom's dog sitting at the Thanksgiving table. Gross.

Naughty Malu. She was in trouble

Feed me!

Happy Holidays!


Kristi M. said...

Kind of strange to see most of the table empty. Next year we should be there. :)

Danielle said...

haha- the dog sitting at the table. Such a small little dog! Unfortunately, our dog is just so freakin big he puts his head right on the table with no stretching or anything. Nice that you guys could stay in for thanksgiving together though!

Cannon's said...

I love that you guys all look soooo happy. even the dog :)