Monday, April 11, 2011

Celebration of Life party

March 26 my family and extended family got together for a celebration of life party for my Uncle Stan. He is my grandma Jeans brother. Really I thought of him as my Grandpa. He lived with my family for a while when I was younger, probably when I was around 14 or 15 he moved in after a really bad car accident. Thats when I got to know who he even was. After he recovered from his car accident, I would go into his room and say "Hey Uncle Stan, what you doing?" Of course he knew what that ment and would always ask "Want to go to a movie?" So we would. Just me and him. Drive in his Camaro to McDonalds and then to whatever movie I would drag him to. From then, I became very close to Uncle Stan. Rillz knew him too for a long time. They would play the eukulele together at the hawaiian parties. This last year Rillz and I tried to visit him and Margene a couple Sundays a month. He would always have the BEST stories to tell. Rillz and I loved sitting in their living room for hours just talking. He spent christmas eves with us too. He definitely brought joy to a room! Love you and miss you Uncle Stan! Thats my gruffy mountain man Uncle Stan and Margene Aunt Nancy. Uncle Stan's (and my grandma Jean) sister. I just LOVE my aunt Nancy too! Beth, Uncle Stans daughter. Nice eyes Beth... haha My mom at the party.

We danced hula and played music. This is my favorite Keiki outfit. They are so darn cute!