Friday, April 29, 2011

Rillz's knife mishap

I got a call from Rillz today that said "How far away are you? I just had an accident". I thought a car accident. Well, he had a kitchen knife accident. The knife cut all the way down to the bone. We thought fingers are worth going to the doctor for. He kind of needs them for his job. We went to a primary health. We don't have an established family doctor yet. They got Rillz right in. Rillz needed 4 stitches in his finger. They put adrenalen in his finger to stop the bleeding and a numbing shot.

The start...

The doc told Rillz to look away

Gross, I hate needles

Ha, look at that lonely finger

Rillz watching ESPN while getting stitches

Look, they are posing. They were both pretty funny and I think excited to see something besides the sniffles and coughing.

All stitched up

Getting the gauze on

Masterpiece! All done

In 10 days Rillz has to go back and get the stitches out. For now, plenty of pain killers is in Rillz's future. Good night and watch out for flying knives.


Jess said...

Oh so gross! Glad that it wasn't worse though. I love that they were posing in the picture, so funny! Gosh there is no way I could have gotten a picture of the needle like that it would have made me so sick knowing that it was happening right then... I'm impressed lol

HeidiT said...

I think it is HILARIOUS that the staff was posing for the pics. Did you tell them you were going to blog about it? Too funny. I'm glad Rillz is ok! Like you said - pretty important for his job to have functioning fingers!

Kristi M. said...

My entire body is going numb right now and my stomach is turning somersaults just reading that. Seriously I feel sick to my stomach. I was scrolling down and then BAM! the needle was right there. My body feels weak. The doctors posing for the pictures were the best. That really made me laugh.

Megan and Greg said...

OUCH!!!!!!! What a documentation. I love the pic of him looking away. It made me laugh.

katy said...

I wish you would have gotten a really good shot of it kind of open so I could see the real damage. I love that you took pics of each stage. The doctors or nurses crack me up. The look so happy.