Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring cleaning

F.Y.I... This post was written a week ago but couldn't load the pictures until today. I love the first daffodils that pop up in my yard. It's motivation to work in my yard. Unfortunetely, those pretty daffodils are now squished. Rillz and I started the dawnting task yesterday of cutting down a hideous, no good, very bad so called bush. This thing is huge! Talk about overgrown. It's a piece of crappo. There isn't just a trunk to cut and then bam-o the tree falls and woohoo all is done. It's more like... chop, chop, chop oh and chop over here and over here some more. Not to mention the branches are entangled in the fence. Awesome. We rented a chainsaw... dull, completely empty with no gas/bar oil. Oh how we were so unhappy. We went back to the rental place and traded it out for one that was a little sharper. Still, not $30 worth to rent for 3 hours. Thank goodness our neighbor across the street came over with his own chainsaw that worked SO much better. The task is still not done but Rillz wasn't feeling well and we had an 80th birthday to go to... so we saved it for another day to come... soon. This was the ridiculous bush that was home for raccoons, squirrals, birds, bees, beer bottles, everything else imaginable, pretty sure an elephant was hiding in there for a couple weeks. And so the cutting begins... Our neighbor. I think his name is Dave. Nice guy.

This is what I found in the tree. Over the last 2 years I have been pulling random things out of this dumb bush. And we found 2 big sinder blocks.
What we got it down to so far.
Now we have a beautiful tree on the side of our house.
On a good note, Rillz and I are doing really good with our dinner menu plans. I can heat up a yummy fish stick! Haha. But on Rillz's cooking nights I am in heaven. Tonight we had furikake tuna rice with japanese sausage. Yummy!! I know the majority of you have no idea what furikake even is but if you could taste this through the computer... oh boy! Saturday I was with Kristi and really wanted to eat out but Kristi and I held strong! It's so nice to look at the meal and think... I only spent $2 to make all of this food. Love it!


HeidiT said...

When you said you were chopping down the bush and told me where it was at, I guess I didn't envision that it was THAT one. That thing is huge. No wonder why Rillz felt like crap at the party.

Kristi M. said...

I like the scissors in the bush. Nice touch. I knew which bush you were talking about but didn't realize how wide it was. Wow! I think we also cheaped out on eating out. Food is the one thing I can't stand spending money on.

Jess said...

SO I'm totally STARVING right now and your tuna dinner sounds SO SO good!
Looks like some pretty weird stuff you found in that bush. When I saw the scissors I couldn't help but think " Awe,ditched murder weapon"

katy said...

You are way strong for not going out. Going out to eat can be so addicting. Funny that that tree had so much hidden in it. You seem like a really hard worker. I like that about you. Wish I was a little more motivated.