Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! What do two adults with no kids and 2 dogs do on easter? Well, usually nothing. But this year I decided to have a small easter treat hunt. I put the dogs in the house and hid dog treats in the backyard. I had no idea what they would do. I thought Simon and Malu would go outside and just stare at me. But that was not the case with Malu. She immediately smelled the treats and started sniffing them out. She found the first one and Simon followed Malu and ate the treat before she actually got it. I hid 7 treats. Simon got 2 and Malu 5. Simon could not smell them worth crap. But Malu had a VERY busy nose. She would eat one and then sniff, sniff, sniff walk to the next treat. Her smeller is amazing. Simon was standing right next to a treat and didn't even notice it. Malu came from across the yard to that same treat and ate it. The doggie easter treat hunt was pretty entertaining for me and Rillz.

A treat I hid before the dogs came outside

Malu found it!

Hidden treat. This is the treat Simon was standing right next to. He was under that bench. Malu sniffed it out and ate it though.

Malu ate it and Simon ran off.

After the treat hunt Rillz and I went for a bike ride. Yesterday we went to a police auction and bought him a bike for $50. We are both excited to ride more this summer.

My bike. Rillz is changing my seat out.
Now I am off to the parents soon for some family time. Happy 2011 Easter everyone


HeidiT said...

A hunt for the dogs - that's a good one! Sorry, but Malu is definitely the smarty pants of the family, poor Simon. Happy Easter!

Kristi M. said...

Diesel would follow in the same category as Simon. He is a ding dong. I guess he had a sort of hunt too with all of the cereal Gunnar dropped in the house this morning. We all knew Malu had the brains in the family. So funny!