Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Aurie and I enjoyed 4th of July day in Caldwell, Idaho. We joined the Miller's and Tracy's for a parade in the morning and then hung out in the park for several hours! The park had music, vendors, and jump houses. Aurie enjoyed her first parade in the arms of Heidi fast asleep while I enjoyed it by the street with all the kids and scavengering for pieces of candy to give to Camden. The day was beautiful and company was great!
When looking at my pictures I realized I had no pictures of Gunnar. I realized it's because he is off enjoying the bigger kid things and the majority of the time I was with a baby or toddler. Gunnar is just growing up so fast and becoming more independent! The toddlers are so stinkin funny! Brecken went down a big inflatable water slide in such a hilarious way that Heidi and I couldn't stop laughing! I wish I had my camera on video it was awesome!
The new batch of babies could not be more opposite in personality. Aurie is so noisy, vocal, needy and LOVES her toys while Trenton is just so chill, loves people watching and for the most part content with anything. Anytime the babies are together someone always asks one of us if they are twins.
When I got home around 8 pm I was SO tired! I didn't watch any fireworks and just went to bed. Aurie's first 4th of July was filled with fun and family! Oh, and I have never dressed up for little holidays like this but I guess after having a baby that changed for me and I found it fun for me and Aurie to be wearing red, white, and blue.
Happy 4th!

I love the outfits! So cute and festive
 This girl has so many faces
 Just chillin
 This is how these two look after about 2 minutes of laying together. Aurie screaming and Trenton looking at her like she is nuts! 
 I only have pictures with Aurie when I have been with one of my sisters!
 Waiting for the parade
 Aurie spent the whole parade with Heidi!
 Camden in her cute outfit enjoying cotton candy!
 Waking up from a nap
 Aurie's first run in with a camel!
 Cami had to warm up a little to the camel and paige LOVED the camel!
 Check out Aurie's ride...
 This is the only picture I got of Gunnar (and pretty sad picture at that). They rode a cute little Thomas train!


Kristi M. said...

So true that kids can help you get into the holiday spirit. I could totally care less before but now I get so excited because they are excited! I love how Trenton and Aurie match so well. You can't help catch the holiday spirit from their outfits. I need to blog about it. I have pictures of everyone, I think...haha