Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Newborn pictures

I was lucky enough to find someone on craigslist who wanted volunteers take free newborn pictures in the month of April/May. Um, sign me up!! So when Aurie was born the lady and I had planned to take her photos the following Saturday after she was born. Plans changed when Aurie was still in NICU at that time so we postponed for a week. Rillz and I were at the ladies house for several hours. Well worth it!! Aurie had been her smallest and sleepiest baby yet. So she was able to get awesome pictures of Aurie. Thanks Amber Jones. Beautiful pictures of a baby girl! Aurie was about 5 1/2 lbs. when these pictures were taken. She looks a little bigger then she really was. So cute!

 Look at her little side rolls!

 These pants and bonnet set was boyish but were so cute looking I wanted to put her in them. Lol.

 This yellow hat was made by my Grandma Jean. So it was really neat to get a picture of Aurie in it.

 This is Rillz's ukulele and case that we stuck Aurie in. Beth made the awesome reggae hat for us!


HeidiT said...

They turned out so cute. The uke one is my favorite...but of course I am partial to the girly flowery headband ones too :)