Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rolling over

During tummy time today, July 18, Aurie lifted her head up more than she ever has. I was so impressed. Then next thing I knew she rolled from her tummy to back! I was sure it was just a fluke. I stuck her back on her tummy to play some more. But, she just kept rolling over! Aurie is growing so fast! I have read so many times that premature babies may be delayed in some of the things they do but, at almost 3 1/2 months, Aurie shows no signs of being delayed anywhere. She is SO vocal, opinionated, and strong willed already as a baby and always has been! Her baby cry is LONG gone! Aurie makes so many grunting, cooing, giggling sounds with huge smiles and huge cries. Nothing she does is suttle! She also drools like crazy right now and making bubbles with her spit. It doesn't help that she loves chewing on her hands. We have a silly feisty one on our hands! Last week Aurie discovered her tongue which is pretty cute! She sticks it in and out all the time. We just love this girl SO much and wouldn't change a thing (ok, maybe her sleeping at night could improve).


Kristi M. said...

I don't even know if Trenton would do that. The poor child gets mauled on the ground. Mom always said Brent took forever to do anything because he was carried all of the time. It's going to be this kid. Must be a 3rd kid thing. I also know that he is not as fiesty and determined as Aurie. He just too laid back!