Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby blessing

When the talk of Trenton getting blessed we were asked by Kristi and Heidi if we wanted Aurie blessed at the same time. Rillz and I discussed it over and over. Finally less then a week before Trenton's blessing we decided that we would bless Aurie as well. She was blessed on June 2, 2013. We used the same blessing dress that my Grandma Jean made for Heidi to be blessed in. Camden was also blessed in it and possibly me but nobody knows. Maybe I wasn't even blessed?!? Lol. Anyways, it was a great day. My family was there and Rillz's dad was there as well. Jeff gave the blessing and we also had Ren and Jared be a part of it. Lots of mentioning that Aurie will be happy and also make people around her happy. She sure does already! I will admit it, I cried like a baby while she was getting blessed. It was very special to me.
After church we had lunch at the Miller's Kristi made some yummy food for everyone!

 Our first family picture

Is it wrong that I love this picture of Aurie and Trenton. We pulled the binkies out of their mouths and this is what we got! The blessing outfits together were so cute.

I love this picture of Aurie in her blessing dress


HeidiT said...

That was SUCH a special day, I loved sitting there with the family watching as the 2 newest little ones got blessed. Aurie looked beautiful in the dress! (For traditions sake, we'll just pretend from here on out that you were blessed in it too, haha!)

Kristi M. said...

I was supposedly blessed in a yellow dress I think. Maybe there is a reason I don't have girls. My dress doesn't exist anymore. The picture of the two babes crying is by far one of my favorites. The colors are great and their reactions are awesome. I wrote down things that were said that I need to get to you. I too remember writing a bunch about her happy personality and making others happy around her. The dress on her was so cute, the color is great on her. It was such a special day with family and it was fun (and surprisingly not stressful) having everyone afterwards. We sure love you guys! And I feel blessed to have 2 of my boys so close in age to my sister's kids. My life is complete. haha