Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brents Wedding and California

We went to Sacramento, CA on Thursday December 18. We had a 2 hour lay over in Portland that turned into 4 hours because of the snow. We were lucky to get out of there at all. We ate at a cafe in the airport that had the nicest workers. I have never seen airport workers that were so pleasant. 

Everyone makes fun of my orange sweater. I have had it since 8th grade and still love it. It is getting worn out in the elbows and is a little small... but that doesn't stop me from wearing it!

When we got to California the weather was much different than Idaho and very enjoyable. Brent and Noelle met us at the airport and Noelle met my dad for the first time.  The airport had an awesome display of old luggage stacked that people had left. 

We took a shuttle to the car rental area and Gunnar loved it! 

We ate mexican food for lunch and then went to the hotel.

Everyone was really tired and took a nap except for my dad, me and Kristi. We went to the store and drove around to see the area. The next day, Friday December 19, was Brent and Noelle's wedding day. We woke up and went to the temple in the morning. Daniel and I were watching Gunnar when the ceremony was going on. We went to the van and played. Daniel and Gunnar went crazy together! 

The wedding day... 

Here comes barbie and ken
The bridal party. The brother-in-laws and Noelle's best friend and two sisters

Dan in a suit? I didn't think this day would happen

After the wedding we went to the luncheon at Macaroni Grill. Yummy! 

Gunnar loved the motorcycle at the outlet mall

Before the reception the family went to the outlet malls. The girls and boys split up so it was fun to just go shopping with my sisters. (My mom stayed at the hotel and took a nap) 

The reception hall was pretty! They had a candy bar and jones sodas to drink. Holy cow... sugar overload! It all looked very nice though. And the cake was awesome. 

The reception was from 6:00-9:00. We danced the night away with my parents. 

Kristi loves looking at pictures of herself and I had to put this one on for her because she thought she looked so good that I printed it out for her at Walmart!
The cake. The wedding colors were black, white, green and had damask pattern

This was the ceiling where the cloth all came together.

Oh goodness... Brent getting the garter 
They fed cake nicely
The happy couple
The happy couple number 2
These are what I wore and Dan wore
My lovely mommy

Gunnar was wild! He danced...and danced....and danced
My dad and me dancing together! Fun

After the reception I was starving! My dad, mom, Kristi, Jeff, and I went to a restaurant afterwords called the dim sum bar. It was amazing food and the decor was gorgeous inside. The five of us were just laughing the night away. 

On Saturday we decided we were going to San Francisco. We went to Bubba Gumps for lunch and than split up after that. Some of them took Gunnar to the Aquarium. Some just looked in all the shops. Daniel and I went around the town. We visited the Coit Tower and walked through China town and then to Union Square. It was sooo busy being the last weekend before Christmas. When walking back to the cars the two of us went to a little cafe for something to drink and a little fruit tart. We also talked to the nicest stranger ever. I love it when I talk to strangers! When we got back to the hotel everyone was really tired. Kristi, mom, and I stayed up till 10 talking about our day to each other and were laughing and enjoying each others company. 

Dan on a park bench in front of St. Marys Cathedral 
This sign was in China town and they spelled today with two words To Day. What crazy people.
Me in front of some windows up in Coit Tower
Dan in Coit Tower
This is Coit tower

The next day felt like 2 weeks in itself. I got a knock at my door around 1:15 saying the EMT were in moms room and mom had a stroke. I couldn't even comprehend what was going on. I just put clothes on and walked across the hall to find everyone just standing around doing exactly what I was doing. We were all in complete shock. My mom was coherent but couldn't move. Through her eyes you could tell she was so frustrated and helpless. The rest of the day was filled with lots of crying, hugs, prayers, phone calls, and pulling together as a family to get through. The situation is very unfortunate but we feel lucky in many ways. We were very close to a stroke center, we ended up not staying in San Francisco for the night like we were going to, and we were as a family with my dad here as well. To find out more detail on my moms condition Kristi wrote about it on her blog. so feel free to read that for more details. We all didn't go to bed until really late that night. The Roths (Noelles family) was so amazing! They were there with us at the hospital at 2 in the morning holding our hands and getting anything we needed. It was the scariest and longest day of my life. On Monday we got to the hospital early. Daniel and Ren went home on Monday (the day we were all going to go home) to take care of things there. The rest of the week was just transporting back and forth to the hospital. The six of us, my dad, me, Heidi, Kristi, Jeff and Gunnar all stayed at my brothers apartment for the week. We were all able to learn a lot about each other and found that it wasn't always easy being around each other for so long. But by the time Saturday came we didn't want to leave. For the most part we all wanted to be around each other and help one another. The Roths fed us almost every night and watched Gunnar on occasion. We went over for Christmas and had a great time with them. They were so nice and wanted all of us to have a christmas. So they gave us each a gift. The girls all got a new sweater that we all wore the next day! Katie (Noelles mom) also had called the photographer to get our family picture from the wedding. It is such a beautiful picture of all of us. That night we all talked for a while and then played Catch Phrase. So much fun! We had the best laughs. It was really nice to be able to enjoy ourselves for a while. We were over there for a little over 5 hours and it felt like 2 hours. Time went fast! We just love the Roths and wish we lived closer and could visit them more. They are definitely family to all of us! Christmas day they also took us to the movies. We went and saw Bedtime Stories which was pretty cute. My week consisted of a lot of hospital, a lot of family, and a lot of love and compassion. Oh yeah and a lot of crying... can't leave that out. Needless to say we didn't want to go back home on Saturday. There was comfort being able to see my mom and talk to my mom everyday. And to just be as a family. We all support each other with everything and we grew closer than ever. (which we were already a VERY close family). So now it is my dad, Brent, and Noelle in Sacramento to help my mom. 

Monday night my dad cuddling with Gunnar on the couch
Brent and Noelle opening their wedding gifts. These wafers were given to them and had expired in 2006. So funny
Brent had a huge bean bag that Gunnar loved playing on and sleeping on.
My dad was in Iraq to long and put the blanket around Gunnar to only show his eyes
When we watched T.V. or a movie Gunnar always wanted to watch Thomas Train or Cars so we set up the portable dvd player in the corner for him to watch with headphones.


Kristi M. said...

I loved reading this Mindy! You brought out a bunch of the fun times that we had...something that I still need to write about. I need to get several of those pictures from you if I can't save them well on my computer. I love you so much! I loved spending time with you! Gunnar loves you so much! I am blessed to have you as my sister.