Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas decorations

I love Christmas time and all the decorations. I have very little Christmas decorations but still love them.

This is my tree. We got it 3 years ago, so yes a fake one, at Big Lots for $10. My ornaments I got at K-Mart for way cheap after Christmas 2 years ago. Dan doesn't like them because they have glitter and he hates glitter. He says glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts. I think it is hilarious. Our angel was a hand me down from Kristi and Jeff. Not the cutest but it was free.

I love this advent calendar! Growing up we had this and the little bear moves to a spot around the house to the look for Christmas. Well, my mom had gotten rid of it and I was so sad. Kristi was at a thrift store a couple years ago and new how I wanted an advent calendar. She found the exact one from when we were a kid and got it for me!!! I was sooo happy and excited! It does need a little tlc but thats ok.

This is Dan and my Christmas stockings. We got them at Cracker Barrel and I just love them.

These are my pillows. My mom had made them for me. They are made out of placemats. How brilliant! She just stuffed them and they are perfect.

This is Elliott (the cat) and Simon (the dog) stockings. I wish I had the matching dog stocking to the cat one. But when I got the cat one I didn't have a dog so didn't need it. 

These are my Christmas decorations and I look at them everyday because they are so neat. I also LOVE listening to Christmas music. I would listen to it all year if I could but then it probably wouldn't be so special around this time. 



Hey! This is Amy Winegardner (Arnold) I love your decorations, i love Christmas time too, your stockings are so cute- and my neighbors had that calendar growing up! Congrats on getting married! You are a cute couple.

Danielle said...

Love the decorations! That is hilarious what Dan said about glitter. My dad HATES glitter because it gets everywhere. He always said that after we did crafts with glitter, he would show up to his office, open up his planner, and glitter would fall out. haha. The date night sounded fun! I love looking at pretty christmas lights.