Monday, December 15, 2008

Hawaiian Hula Party

For the last year I have been doing hawaiian hula. Kristi and Heidi also do it. It is so much fun and I love knowing that I am going to see my sisters every Saturday. They are so funny and the best sisters any one could ask for. We all care for each other so much... anyways we do hula and this Sunday we had a Hula Christmas Party. It was so fun. We danced our new dances for our family and friends.

This is the Auntie class performing for every one.

Heidi  waiting to go out and dance. This is one of our outfits. 

This is the Keiki (kids) class performing. They are so cute when they dance.

This is me with our Pu ili's (the sticks in my hand). We do an awesome partner dance with them! Heidi is my partner and we do so well together.

My partner with her Pu ili's 

Heidi and Kristi in the back practicing

This is Katie. She is our little high school hula dancer. She is funny and sat with us during dinner

Here is Tasha (on the left) and Auntie Patty (on the right). Tasha is our hula teacher and Auntie is her mom and is in charge of the whole hula group. They are just so great and make the experience wonderful. They have created a family with the hula groups.

Me just waiting to eat. Heidi and I were bored and took pictures of ourselves to see how they turned out. 

Here is Heidi's best take

They had some of the hawaiian guys dress up as santa and two elves. When they came out the kids were so excited and I just about wet myself with laughter. Those were the biggest elves I have ever seen. It was so great and they were a wonderful sport.

HoHoHo. Here comes santa all the way from Hawaii
I can't wait for next years Hawaiian Party and to see how many dancers we learn in the up coming year. 


Kristi M. said...

What happened to that last picture? So you didn't mention that I got screwed over with pu ili partners. It stinks. However usually it ends up being Tasha. Can't ask for better. We did so well! I was stoked!