Friday, December 12, 2008

The start of my blog

Ok, so my family is getting into blogging and I discovered it is a great way to stay in touch and a nice way to journal. (Seeming how writing in a journal is not my thing) So my goal is to stay on top of this and really get into it... time will tell I suppose. Well, I will start this with my 2008 year... which was very busy.

To begin: Dan had proposed to me December 1, 2007 at the Idaho Botanical Gardens when they have all the christmas lights through out. We were supposed to just be going for our 5 year dating anniversary and to my complete surprise he proposed. For my proposal ring he had made one out of guitar strings which was really neat and clever.
So the wedding plans began and quickly I realized planning for a wedding wasn't so fun anymore. We knew we wanted a pretty low key vintage wedding. Our friend took our engagement photos and helped us pull the invitation together. We had a cd of our favorite love songs that we sent out to everyone.

The actual wedding went well and Daniel and I stayed pretty calm all day and everything went smooth as far as I know. My dad was in Iraq so I had asked Jeff to walk me down the aisle. As bridesmaids I had Kristi, Heidi, my sister-in-law Katherine, and my good friend Ashley. Daniel had Brent, Jared and Ben as his groomsmen. Gunnar was the ring bearer and we had no flower girl. We found Daniel's tux on ebay for $50 dollars! It was a 1970's brown pinstripe 3 piece suit.

Heidi wanted to make our wedding cake so she started making everyones birthday cakes for the year. I let her do whatever she wanted with it and it turned out great!

My mom made the bridesmaid dresses, Kristi made my hair piece, and I made my boutonnieres. So it was a creative family affair which was so neat to have all those special little things.


Lizzie said...

Wish we could've been there. Everything looks very cool and vintage...I assume the look you were going for. I love the cake!! Heidi did a good job! Take care!

Kristi M. said...

You still need to teach me how to make the buttonnieres as I am going to call them.