Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wow no posts during the holidays?

Yeah thats right. I haven't posted in over a month. I felt so busy (whether I really was or not), overwhelmed, happy, cheerful, stressed, cluttered, loved, and broke this holiday season. I think my christmas tree felt too big for the space, my storage bins never left my living room, and my kitchen was a complete disaster. I am in holiday recovery mode right now. I put my christmas decorations down right away this year (usually I am sad to have to put them away, not this year!). I couldn't wait for christmas to leave my house, BUT I loved my holidays this year! I was able to spend a lot of time with my family. This holiday season was extremely different then last year (for the better) and I am very happy at where my life is today. So.... here I go in an attempt to play catch up on my blog....


Was it fun... Yes
Was there a lot of food... Yes
Did I gain wait... Probably
Did I spend time with family... Yes
Did I look at all the sale ads... of course
Did I go shopping on black friday at 5:00 A.M.... Yes
My parents went on vacation to Arizona and Utah to visit relatives so for Thanksgiving it was just ALL the kids together. Thats right, all of us were able to pull off an awesome Thanksgiving meal. We hardly helped my mom and dad prepare meals in the past. Hehe Oops!

Looking at Black Friday Ads.

Preparing dinner

Chow down

We also celebrated Kristi's birthday
Happy Birthday Kristi!!!
Noelle with Kristi's dog, Diesel


Kristi M. said...

Boy do you have more to catch up on. My 2010 goal for the weekend...get caught up on my blog. Getting behind is the pits. Funny how on all 3 of our blogs, we get entirely different pictures of the same events.

Megan and Greg said...

Happy late holidays! Glad yours went so well. I think we've all been blog lazy, lately. I know I have. You inspire me with all your deals and saving. When I finally get my own place again, I'm gonna have to check out all your websites and techniques.