Saturday, January 2, 2010

Month of December

December was madness... must I say more. So crazy that I didn't even coupon at all this month. Yeah, I know! So this month I worked, and worked, and worked. And then I had a hula christmas party, and my moms re-birth party, and of course christmas.
The hula party... It was Sunday December 13. The whole family attended. The keikis and adult class performed a couple songs. There was plenty of yummy food! And we were surrounded by people we love! Santa even came to the restaurant! Lucky me, I got to take santa home with me.

Here comes santa claus!

Gunnar is such a nut. He saw Rillz changing into santa and told us that Rillz was in a santa suit. I kicked Gunnar out of the back and "Santa" made his appearance. Gunnars face lit up so much when "Santa" came out. It was so funny to see him believing in santa after that. But then the next day he told Kristi "Mom, did you know willz (Rillz) was santa?" Another little girl said to her mom "Mom, I didn't know Santa was samoan." Haha. Innocence of children... so cute!

Santa needed a lot of Miss Clauses help to get dressed. He would have been missing a belt, hat, and shoes. Oh boy santa... get it together!

It was great fun! Thank you Tasha, and Aunties for a great party!

Christmas = lots of fun. For christmas eve we did our usual movie which was The Chipmunks squeakwal. Or whatever it was called. The girl chipmunks were so funny! I was pretty against seeing the movie but it was cute and better than expected. We then went home and got ready for our traditional christmas eve breakfast dinner. That night Rillz, Heidi, Ren, Jake, and I played The Office board game. It was really fun and hard! Christmas was great. The family gathered at 9 a.m. to open presents (minus Brent and Noelle). Gunnar was the present passer outer. That is something we always faught over when we were younger, as we got older none of us wanted to do it anymore and I was always stuck with doing it... until this year! Way to go Gunnar! At 2 we then headed over to Aunt Nancy's. It was my first christmas going over there and it was so fun! Then the family went to a movie. Me, Heidi, Kristi, and Gunnar went to The Blindside. LOVED it! The rest of the fam went to Avatar 3D. I heard it was outstanding and a must see... well even after those great comments from almost everybody, I still feel I don't need to see it.

This is Rillz having to give himself a face lift with tape when we were playing The Office game

I hope you all had a great 2009 very Merry Christmas


Kristi M. said...

Is that Gunnar pickin his rear? And Heidi looks pregnant in that apron for some reason. Christmas was busy this year but tons of fun. It was fun having everyone together.

Heidi said...

I agree, the pic that was supposed to be my Martha Stewart moment in the apron makes me look pregnant! And the tape face lift picture will forever haunt Rillz...but it was so fun to play the game :)

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh- that picture of Rillz is so funny! I love the story about Gunnar seeing Rillz, and still being excited that Santa was there. Such a cutie.