Monday, January 18, 2010

Back into couponing and excited!

Tonight I had to go to the store to buy girley products. So why not bring my coupon binder to see what else I could find in the store. After an hour and a half of walking up and down every aisle I got to the check-out with plenty of goodies for cheap!

I bought:

-5 bags of Padrino tortilla chips

-1 tillamook 2 lb. medium cheddar cheese

-2 scopes mouthwash

-5 crest toothpaste vivid whitening

-1 box tampons (the only item I actually needed)

-5 Quaker rice cakes snacks

-1 vicks throat relief spray

-1 carton Lactaid milk

With no coupons and sales I would have paid $80.72

But with coupons and sales I only paid $19.05 (which is actually a lot still but those stinkin tampons cost half of that itself)

Overall it still felt good to get so many useful products for cheap! 21 items for $19. Better than the dollar store! Love it!!


Kristi M. said...

It probably helps to have your own subscription for the coupons too. I still have a gigantic pile of inserts that I need to cut out and I really don't feel like it. Now I have 12 doublers and I really don't feel like even going. You don't have a stock pile of tampons. I have a big stash of hygiene things bought on the cheap and it feels so good. Those things cost way to much. I can't believe I payed full price before. Now you know you need to stock up when you can.

Heidi said...

I went out yesterday morning to use my doublers and had a great couponing day too! I almost even blogged about it. I love it when everything you are looking for is in stock and I ended up with 3 bags of stuff for about $10. I don't know how I could ever afford anything before.