Sunday, January 10, 2010

My birthday , my day, my complaining of 2009

I had every intention this weekend to really get caught up on my blog. I just don't feel like it though. I did spend 6 hours stapling, cutting, stacking, organizing, my coupons that I haven't touched in over a month. Yes, 6 grueling hours. I watched 3 movies too. The Proposal (I find it funny), The Truman Show (such a good movie), and Paper Heart (kinda dumb. Don't waste your time). Anyways, my coupon sorting was stressing me out so thats done now! WooHoo. I organized some paperwork and cluttered closets (also stressing me out). Like they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Is that how it goes? I don't know but if it is the saying then I believe it!

On to better things... My birthday was great! My family (minus my dad, Brent, and Noelle) got together on my birthday (wednesday) and Rillz made a great dinner for everyone. We then celebrated and Gunnar was SO into it all. Kristi and Jeff gave me bags for my hula implements, which I love the fabrics!, Heidi and Ren got me these cute cups with an owl on them and a really cute spoon rest from their vacation in yellowstone, my parents got me a newspaper subscription (sounds lame but it is what I really wanted and the newspaper boy came by for the first time this morning. I was really excited), and Rillz got me a car fob to start my car from the house to warm or cool it. I am excited for that because I am always so cold for like the whole car ride anywhere.
Then last night, saturday night, I got together with my friends for my birthday at Cafe Ole. I loved it! They are great. I also went and saw the last movie Heath Ledger was making when he died, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, with my ex-sister-in-law Katherine. I adore her and Rillz and I love hanging out with her when she is home from college. Anyways, the movie was good. Not for everybody. Very imaginative and is much an independent film where most movie goers won't appreciate the filmography and creativity it has. As my family and friends would say, "it's definitely a Mindy movie".
I am now 24. I feel like I should be years older and at least have a baby by now. But last year brought me unexpected challenges and thank goodness I didn't haveM a baby with my ex-husband. I also never expected to have a divorce under my belt at 24. That was a great blessing in disguise though. I have met someone, Rillz, that treats me right and doesn't make me be financially responsible for everything and doesn't go out to get drunk and high with his friends (and affairs). Thats what I had to deal with in my marriage, and much more bullcrap that no one should put up with. I also didn't expect to be taking care of my mom on the weekends for a year. I loved spending that time with my mom though. As time consuming and stressful and draining as it was, I would do it over and over and not think twice about helping my family out.

2009- as you can see started out as the worst year of my short 23 years by a long shot. My mom laying in a bed unconcious and my husband at the time talking for hours with his girlfriend and not comforting me AT ALL! After counseling, divorce, and family love and friend support I became stronger and much happier. Therefore, my year slowly started looking brighter. I met Rillz and just became addicted to his great, kind, caring, loving personality. He made everything all about me. (that sounds selfish but I needed it at the time to regain confidence and bring back my personality). By the end of 2009 I felt like a lucky girl for the year I had. My mom has made amazing progress, I became closer to my family, I started new hobbies (couponing), and I found new love! I am blessed.

Rillz and I made a new years resolution of working out 4 times a week. But we are waiting until he is back from Hawaii to start. Yes, he is in Hawaii. He quit his job at Kanack Attack/Onos and needed a break. It was a very hard decision for him. But back to talking about the gym, much needed. My thighs are insane and are so big they are almost considered there own person. So the gym it is for me, if I can keep a resolution.

I can't think of anything else I really feel like righting about and this is long and boring and filled with many tangents already. Not to mention my head hurts and feels as though it is going to explode any second. So for the sake of ya'll I will peace out now.


Kristi M. said...

Glad 2009 is behind you. Hello 2010. Hah! You and all of the 2 million people at the gym. Mom and I just laugh everytime we are there. The treadmills are packed all of the ellipticals/bikes are full. The front desk lady said come July, it will nearly be a ghost town. Just keep at it.

Megan and Greg said...

It sounds like you came out the conquerer of 2009 and that's awesome. Happy late birthday. Totally get the "I should have this and this by now" thoughts. I'm a little too obsessed about the things I don't have by 28 years old. I'm realizing how bad this is for me, though I still struggle not to do it. You are pretty hilarious about your thighs. I need to work out too.