Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pimp my ride

Today I got done with hula and Rillz, Brent, and Ren were in my dads shop with my car. Heidi looked and said "It looks like an episode of pimp my ride out there". She was so right. They were installing my new automatic starter in the car. I got a little more then that too. They thought Brents old Infiniti rims would look sweeeeet on my car. Ok Ok they do. I am just not one to look at rims and go WOW! those are nice. But the boys loved them and now after winter (because I just got winter tires on my other rims and they are different size rims) I now have new rims. Ren calls my car the blueberry toaster strudal, now he (and Brent) like my car. Anyways, my car got pimped today. Oh yeah the automatic starter IS sweeeeet. Now my car will be warmed up in winter and cooled off in summer before I even go outside. Thats what I'm talking about.

My auto key starter!
Wow look at those rims (hehe)
I love my car! I smile when I see it!

Another thing, I wish I had cable so I could watch those trashy shows like The Real Housewives of orange county and of new york. Its like Desperate Housewives but "real". It isn't over the top but is full of drama and women doing rediculous things. I LOVE them! I feel shallow when I take fancy in trashy shows like that but I can't stop watching when I am at my parents. Oh and Project Runway and Americas Next Top Model are also highly watchable for me. If I just had a week to sit and watch every episode of all those I would. It would do nothing for my intelligence but just watching the mere stupidity of these "housewives" brings joy to me! Enough of my shamely tv shows decisions! :)

P.S. Despite all the stress I have and big decisions to make in my life, I feel HAPPY!