Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flowers, dress, sink hole

My weekend was a good one. All day yesterday was spent at the America's Global Village Festival in Ontario, Oregon. We had an awesome booth with food and trinkets to sell. We do a half hour show. I brought my camera, turned it on, and took.... no pictures. My battery died and I got NO pictures. Kristi and Heidi did though. It was fun!

Rillz and I went on a silly date today when he got off work. We went to Costco for lunch at the food court. Then went up and down every aisle. IT was great! I bought flowers and underwear. Thats all. I planted my flowers when I got home while Rillz was looking for running shoes in the shop. My other flowers I bought for my window box are only spring flowers that are now going dead on me and looking a little sad. New flowers... new pretty color!

Rillz couldn't find his running shoes so off to Fred Meyer we went for shoes. We found some great ones for him! Then we went looking for dinner. Rillz had plans to go to Sizzlers for the salad buffet until we passed an Applebees with a sign that read "Feed 2 for $20". Rillz turned into the parking lot so fast and the detour had officially been taken to Applebees instead of Sizzlers. The food and service was great!

I finally finished my frock by friday. I like how it turned out and it fits! There are plenty of mess ups but oh-well. A good learning experience.

Here is a CRAZY mystery. In my garden by where I planted my peas I have a freaky sink hole. It eats dirt and seeds and spits back up sand/rocks. I don't get it. It is SO weird. I have filled this stinkin hole 3 times with dirt. Packed dirt. You know, like how you pack in a ton of brown sugar in the little measuring cup and dump it out only to still hold a very tight cup form. Well, thats how tight I have packed in this flippin dirt only to have rocks and sand spit back at me the next day after the dirt had been watered. I don't get it. Anybody know my mystery? It's driving me crazy.

You can't see the stupid little rock pebbles very well in the picture. Where is the dirt going? And where are the rocks coming from? Grrrr.....

I hope your weekend went well! Happy Monday tomorrow.


Danielle said...

I love your dress! It's awesome! You did an amazing job!!!! Ummmm that sounds like an awesome date! To go up and down EVERY isle of Costco? I've always wanted to do that in Walmart. Who knows what kind of treasures you'd find. Sounds like an awesome weekend:)

Kristi M. said...

LOVE how your dress turned out. It looks great and it totally fits. You should dig up your weird sink hole and see where it takes you. So strange.

katy said...

I love your dress thingy. Good job. You look so cute in it. I think your date sounds way fun. Costco rules and I love your flowers. A sink hole? You should dig and find out what's going on. How strage and interesting. remind me of heidi's balloon mistery.