Sunday, August 8, 2010

3 weeks and counting

The remodel has officially been in progress for 3 weeks. Work is still going on but just a little slower. We basically only have the floor left and some touch up on paint.

Here is the cabinets all painted and the top ones hung back up. Goodbye forever red... I won't miss you.

The living room/kitchen wall and modeling painted by Rillz. He did an awesome job and looks so great!

The cave painted except for the cubby holes.
Yes, those are the only cabinets I have in my kithen. But, it's never been a problem because I have a HUGE pantry space down the hall. I haven't put the bottom cabinets on yet because they are in the way when dealing with the floor.

Jeff came over yesterday morning to teach me how to lay and cut tile. Rillz and I are planning to work hard on the floor tonight and tomorrow. The kitchen is really coming along and I am excited!

Our first laid tiles!

Holy cow tile is a lot of work. I won't be quitted my day job for tiling any time soon.

Jeff cutting tile.
The tile saw. I have to admit that I was FREAKED out to have to learn how to cut tile... but after cutting the first couple pieces I started to enjoy it.
I moved the fridge the other day (which is in our living room) and left scratch marks in our hard wood floors... oops.


HeidiT said...

The cabinets look so good, they look nice and clean and fresh. Can't wait to see the finished product -- I bet it will be so nice tomorrow with you and Rillz both having the day off to just focus on it and not feel like you have two jobs for the day.

Penny Cluff said...

Your cabinets look so retro. Tile is a ton of work. Walt and I had a disagreement in our last house. He wanted tile I wanted wood. He won, of course, because he and Brandon did the work. Tons of work, but so worth it. I love my tile. Just don't drop a plate! Gives a whole new meaning to the word break.

katy said...

Wow. It's really looking nice. It's it awesome to have family that knows how to do stuff like that. Brandon and Aaron turned our garage into a bedroom and storage room. It would have been so much more money if we would have had somebody else do it. It looks like you have a bunch of talent in your family too. They are doing are really good job. Oh and you guys too. lol