Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling itchy

Exactly a week ago Simon and Malu went to play at Kristi's house with Diesel. When Rillz and I went to pick them up Malu had raised hair bumps all over her back and a couple on her head. My instinct was immediatly to take her to the 24 hour vet on our way home. It was midnight and we new it would be spendier than if it were with her normal vet. We decided to forgo the vet and go home. Malu still seemed her normal self and wasn't itching or anything. We put both of them to bed and hoped for the best (which would be Malu still alive and well in the morning). The next morning they were gone. We figured she rolled in a bee farm or something goofy like that. Well tonight I left the dogs outside for maybe 2 hours and once again Malu has those bumps on her back. I started researching the internet for answers. "Boxer has raised bumps on her back". Plenty forums popped up. It is most likely hives or allergies. I am thinking maybe mosquitos because it seems to be darker at night when she gets these bumps. I don't know but I guess its not uncommon for boxer dogs to get these problems. Crazy dog.

Notice the bumps on her back? Tonights isn't as bad as last week.

Harder to notice in this picture. You can see the patch of 4 bumps down by her booty.

Those just look gross. Makes me itchy just looking at her.

Of course Simon wanted his picture taken too. He is getting quite hairy and needs to visit the doggie barber. Not sure if he can even see through his bangs anymore.
I love my dogs but choose not to freak out about things like this.


Danielle said...

Poor pup! I always feel bad for dogs when they don't feel's not like they can just watch good movies or something. I'm glad it's nothing too serious.

HeidiT said...

Kristi told me about this, so weird that she has gotten them again. At least they don't seem to be bothering her. We had our own doggie drama this week that I will be posting about soon.

Kristi M. said...

Definately not as bad as last week. Last week was aweful and ten times worse. She had them by her rearend last time. How strange but it doesn't seem to bother her. Mosquitos or something like that seem to be the only common thing between my house and yours. I can't wait to read about Heidi's doggie drama. I haven't heard about it yet. I can only imagine with Hurley.