Monday, August 16, 2010


So I didn't write a new post all week. Last week I had to go to Oregon for work. While I was gone Rillz worked and worked and worked really hard on laying the tile on the floor. Ren had helped too. I got back from Oregon and it looked great. The only thing left to lay were the triangle pieces around the perimeter. So Sunday morning I woke up and had planned to measure and cut all those triangle pieces. I had cut 4 pieces and than... oh crap... the blade on the saw wasn't spinning and the motor smelled of smoke. So I didn't touch it. Rillz got home and tried to see what was wrong with it. No luck. So we call the owner of the saw (Jeff of course) and he said to take it back to his house so he can look at it. Come to find out... I broke it. Jeff said the motor was bound to go and could have broken on anyone. Ok but dang it... why did it brake on me and make me look like the bad guy. I told Jeff he probably put me on his "do not let borrow" list. Haha. He let us borrow "big bertha". It's an old tile saw that weighs a million pounds and built much better than the one I broke. Rillz stayed up until 5 a.m. to finish laying ALL the floor tiles! He is so great! I am NOT built that way. I was so tired by 1 a.m. and retired shortly after.

Rillz and Ren working on the floor

This is the tile saw that quit on me... aka the saw I broke

This is "Big Bertha". I would NOT even touch this one. I made Rillz do the rest of the cutting
"Big Bertha" is noisy too.