Sunday, August 1, 2010

Eating out

Since our kitchen is torn apart we really can't prepare meals besides cereal, sandwiches, and cup a noodles, we have eaten out A LOT! To much of a good thing is no longer a good thing. Last night had to be the worst. Rillz wanted Hawaiian food. We were getting bored of burger, fries, and shake type things. We went to CK BBQ in Boise. IT WAS TERRIBLE. The costumer service was NOT there. The guy was rude and made us feel like we were inconveniencing him. And the food was just gross. I got the Loco Moco and the hamburger patty was way over done and the egg wasn't even over easy. The macaroni salad was unedible. The only good thing was the rice. I will NEVER give them service again. Not just because the food was terrible but because the service and that guy was SO RUDE.

Even the box was nicer then the guy. It told us to have a nice day!
CK BBQ food. It actually looks better than it was.

On a good note, Rillz and I were really wanting a home cooked meal. We decided to BBQ! Rillz grilled bbq chicken and squash from the garden. We had a nice spinach salad (thanks Kristi) and watermelon (thanks mom). It was a much needed dinner. The dogs enjoyed us outside and got to eat some watermelon... and maybe a marshmellow accidentally fell on the ground :)

Home cooked dinner!!

Yummy! I love colorful food.

Then, we made smores on the rest of the hot flames.
Puppy treats. Malu is a picky eater.

Simon eats anything and everything!


Megan and Greg said...

I truly believe good food is as valuable as the scriptures. It is so important. It is just the WORST when service people are rude. It's their JOB to be NICE!!!

Kristi M. said...

I was actually thinking last week about why you guys haven't grilled more with your kitchen like that. Then I wasn't sure if you even had a working grill. You should do more of that.