Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Camden Kalani

Camden Kalani Tracy was born on Thursday October 28, 2010 at 6:28 A.M. Rillz and I have now had 3 new nieces/nephew born in the last 4 months. We just love all of them! But after Rillz saw Cami, he finally admitted out loud and said, "I want one of these". So hopefully we get married soon so we can have "one of those". Anyways, Rillz and I went over to the hospital at 11 A.M. She was a whopping 5 lbs. 13 oz. and 19 in. long. What a little thing. When I held her she was completely asleep. She felt like a feather. Oh so sweet! Rillz was unwilling to hold her that morning because she was too little for him. But he sure oogled over her. Rillz and I had to return back to work. We returned at 8:30 that night to try and skype my dad so he could see Camden. We couldn't get a hold of my dad for a while so in the mean time I convinced Rillz that Camden was not as fragile as he thinks. So he sat down and Camden was handed over to him. Again, he just stared at her with googly eyes and all smiles! By Rillz holding 3 brand new babys this year, I think he's got it down now! We finally got a hold of my dad so he could see his first granddaughter. Heidi, Ren, and Camden went home Friday night happy and healthy! Congratulations Tracy family.

Heidi before having Camden. She was so calm and relaxed and hardly felt any pain.
Baby Camden. She hated me taking pictures. So she always scrunched her face and tucked in her lip at me.

Under that hat is beautiful black hair.

Me and Camden

Camden and her daddy, Ren
Camden and new mommy, Heidi. Isn't Heidi's hair pretty even after having a baby.
Heidi and Ren were trying to wake Camden up to eat. She just did not want to!

Uncle Rillz holding little Camden


Danielle said...

so sweet! It's always a comfort when your man realizes he wants babies :) I remember when all our friends here started having babies, Clay started really really liking them! It was fun. And Camden is such a cutie!

HeidiT said...

I'm so glad he finally realized she's not breakable! I thought he'ld be good to go since gracie and brecken are around now, but I guess she is a lot smaller.