Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Rillz and I dressed up for halloween and decided to go trick or treating with the Millers. Gunnar was an awesome pirate, Brecken was the cutest, chubbiest elephant, Jeff was a last minute pirate, Kristi was a mom of two boys, Rillz was the tin man, and I was Glinda the good witch. Oh and Malu was Dorothy and Simon was Toto. (pictures of the dogs to come).

I had bought a hideous wedding dress for $3 at a thrift store for Glindas dress. I told my boss that I was going to be Glinda for halloween. She immediately said... oh my gosh I have the perfect Glinda dress you should wear. So I say, ok yeah. I dyed the thrift store dress pink anyways and got everything ready just in case my boss couldn't find the dress. Well, her and I went to storage yesterday and she found the dress. This is a dress she had worn years and years ago at a ball dance on a cruise ship. I tried it on and it fit perfect! The sweater was her grandmas when her grandma was younger and it was real fox hair dyed pink. It was a really pretty dress! My crown and wand, not so beautiful. haha.

All of us ready to go trick-or-treating. Yes, Gunnar had a whole entourage with him. It reminded me of the show Parenthood. Last weeks episode was a halloween one. If you haven't seen that show... you should!! Really great!

Rillz was a great sport to wear what I made. He was an awesome tin man. I laughed every time I looked at him. Everytime we got in the car we had to take his whole box off.

Malu's Dorothy costume has a wig. We naturally thought it would be so funny to put it on Brecken. And it was really funny! Poor Brecken already has all these goofy pictures of what we do to him.
Happy halloween everyone!


Danielle said...

oh my gosh- you guys look AWESOME! And I totally loved that Parenthood episode. We LOVE that show. It is probably my favorite right now. It's the best. But seriously- both of you look amazing!

Megan and Greg said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your costumes. Halloween is my favorite holiday because I LOVE dressing up. What a good idea. You guys look great.

Kristi M. said...

That dress was too awesome and way sparkly. Everyones reactions were funny. Oh what a cute little pirate tricker treater, than-are all these people with this one kid and then-whoa! look at that dress.

HeidiT said...

Loved the costumes, you guys looked great!

Cannon's said...

How fun it is to read about your life and keep up with you. you and your boyfriend are the cutest couple. When are you going to snag him for good? I understand I need to come for a visit and enjoy his awesome cooking. love and miss you!