Thursday, October 14, 2010

Florida Vacation

Last month (September) Rillz and I went on vacation to Florida. Rillz's sister was having a baby. The first niece/nephew on his side of the family. We were SO excited to meet the new baby and see all the family! Girlie (Rillz's sister) didn't want to find out what the baby was. I had guessed it's a girl the whole time. A lot of others thought boy. She was born Wednesday September 15, 2010 at 11: something p.m. We left Thursday morning September 16. So the night before we left Rillz and I found out Girlie had a GIRL! Baby Gracey was born and we just love her and miss her.

We just adore her. Look at that hair!

This is Gracey and David (David is Girlies husband, Graceys dad)

Girlie and Gracey

Davids mom and Girlies mom with Gracey

Girlie and Rillz's parents

Gracey's first day home

Sleepy girl

Our last day in Florida. Sleeping with uncle Rillz

While in Florida Rillz and I went Disney World for 2 days. We were able to go to all 4 parks. We also went to Ripleys Believe it or not and M&M world. We had a blast!

At Disney World they had Magic Kingdom all decorated for Halloween
Me on some little park ride.

Getting warm by the fire place at Minnies house

Even on vacation Rillz is working in the shop... Mickeys shop!

The castle!

At Hollywood studios park they had a playground area with the Honey I Shrunk the Kids theme. It was so fun! Rillz by a Tinker toy block!
What a BIG ant and ice cream cookie!

I thought this sign was really cute!

Everything in those parks were SO expensive. (Of course I knew it would be). So we took food and water into the parks for the day. We decided to spoil ourselves for one meal. We chose this 50's diner that was super cute. Yummy (expensive) homecooking type meal. They had tvs at the booths playing Leave it to Beaver and other old shows.

Oh man this coke crate is HEAVY. Almost like it's cemented down!

Rillz's mom and dad came with us to the Epcot center the first day. After about 4 hours of being there they got worn out (it's a TON of walking) and so Rillz and I took them back to Girlies house. (She only lives about 20 min. away from Disney World). It was fun walking around with them for a while!

Rillz and I at Epcot

The famous Epcot ball/ dome thingy

Just his size!

The Animal kingdom park. Here is the tree of life.
3D glasses. I think they look good on me.

These are bats and there was no glass between us. Gross

We took a safari jeep ride. There are no barriers between us and some of the animals. Lots of the animals had babies. They were adorable.

Rillz looks like a natural!

The night before Disney World Rillz and I took a drive around the touristy area (disney world, sea world, you know that stuff). We randomly drove by Ripleys and decided to go. Rillz had never been to one.
This chair is too big! Those ones are too small.... where is the one thats just right??

The tallest man. He is just a little taller than Rillz

A section of the actual Berlin wall

Rillz and I went to IKEA (which is AMAZING!!!) and as we were driving back home I saw M&M world. I just had to go! It was fun looking at a lot of spendy M&M's!

Green is the new love color... Right!?!
Florida was amazing! We are very grateful for everyone who helped us out. We spent a lot of time with family and ate Fantastic food prepared by the family!


Danielle said...

Wow it looks SO FUN! I wanna go all those places! That is so awesome you guys got to go. Cute cute baby.

Jess said...

Oh fun! Glad you got to get away and enjoy life without work! Htose places look liek so much fun . I love crap like that!

Jess said...

I mean and lol I'm so tiered!


oh my gosh! Gracey is SOoooooooooo cute. I love the one of her on top of Rilz's belly. LOVE the vacation pics, loved that tall man pic- that is crazy! Ripley's looks really fun. I LOVE D-LAND, so I couldn't imagine D-WORLD! what a fun trip.

HeidiT said...

Gracey is SO cute. All of these girls being born with all of that dark hair. I'm going to be jealous if Cami doesn't have any! She's such a good mix of Girlie and David.
All of the places looked like fun!

Kristi M. said...

I love how all of the pictures were mostly kiddie things and you guys were having fun. Gracey is soooo cute!! I will totally laugh if Cami comes out with no hair or little hair after all these baby girls with tons of hair. Like Heidi, Gracey is a great mix of Girlie and David.