Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our grass...

Sorry, not talking about the marijuana kind of grass... just talking about my, well, grass. At the beginning of the warm season, month of May, my grass was a disaster. I felt like that white trash neighbor that has all the weeds and dead grass in the yard. Rillz and I were determined to do something about it. The only problem, we knew NOTHING about recovering a sad looking lawn. Rillz's suggestion was to take it all out and lay down new lawn... um no, too spendy. So, from talking to several people, we decided to first kill the weeds with weed be gone and then sign up for the zamzows lawn program. Wow! Our lawn is much thicker and healthier. Still far from perfect but a big difference.

Our front yard in May 2010.
Another front yard pic.

Back yard picture in May 2010. Our dogs did some nice pee spots don't you think.


Poor lawn.

Our lawn at the end of September 2010. Those "yellow" looking spots are from the sun coming through the trees. Not yellow doggie pee burn spots. Those are ALL gone!
Another backyard picture. I wish the sun wasn't so bright so the picture would show no yellow. Oh well. I love mowing my lawn and then just looking at it. Looks so pretty after being mowed. I can't believe our grass stays so nice with 2 dogs running all over it all day.
Our front yard September 2010. It isn't as thick and beautiful as the back but it looks much better. And now from our main water line having that leak, we have a funny grass/dirt spot in our lawn.

I am so glad our lawn is small. This much grass is enough work for me.


Kristi M. said...

I can't believe how much better that looks. Jeff and I are firm believers in the zamzows thing. It has worked so well for us every single time. I just wish we could get away buying it once and using it two years in a row.

HeidiT said...

I'm definitely jealous. Heck - I'm jealous of your old dog pee spot grass! Beats my dirt/weed pile.