Sunday, October 31, 2010

baseball baby shower

For Heidi's baby shower we did a baseball theme. Yes, a girl baseball baby shower. Kristi and I had thought the theme would work well because Heidi was naming her first born after a baseball stadium, Camden stadium. I looked on line for girl baseball baby showers only to see pretty much nothing existed. So, Kristi and I just changed the blue type things to pink. Easy enough. We thought for food to do things you would eat while watching a baseball game at a stadium. Hot dogs screams baseball but neither Kristi or I wanted to cook hot dogs for all the guests when they are there. So we thought crockpot things. I thought of little weiners instead of hot dogs and Kristi came up with a nacho bar. Awesome! Noelle did a gourmet popcorn for party favors. The food was fun and went well with a baseball theme. The Hollingsworths aren't to much into games at baby showers and bridal showers. So, we did the simple quick games of guess how big around Heid is and guess how many eyeballs in a jar.

I made banners. One saying baby shower and another saying its a girl. The letters are pink on round baseballs.
I saw this scoreboard on the internet and just had to make one. I thought it was so cute. Only, Camden came way before the 23 days until her due date. She decided to come 5 days after her baby shower.

The food set up.

The popcorn party favors.

Heidi eating her food.

Her belly was really cute. Heidi and I both say that whatever she looked like through-out the pregnancy is what I am going to look like when I am pregnant. Besides the swollen feet, I won't mind at all looking like her. She looked good through the whole pregnancy.

Congratulations Heidi. We love you and your new little Camden


HeidiT said...

Everything looked so great! Thanks for all of the work that went into it. I still need you to email them to me so that I can print some for my book.