Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bowling with siblings

Rillz and I went bowling with Heidi and Ren and we all convinced Brent that he didn't need to work on the shop... instead he needed to go bowling with us, so he did! It was a lot of fun. The bowling alley was in Caldwell about 5 min. from my parents. Smoking has been illegal for how long now?!? and it smelled like 100 cigarettes had just been smoked at the same time just before we walked in. Gross. Oh-well. It was lots of fun!

CB (C-bass) was Ren... why? I don't know. It's his special bowling name I guess.
H (Hodi) was Heidi, R was Rillz, M was Mindy, and B-REnt was Brent. I got over 100 Points! All luck, no skill!


HeidiT said...

SO fun! You need to post the oh so awesome victory dances.