Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Train

On Saturday Kristi, Jeff, Gunnar, Heidi, Ren and I had plans to ride the Thunder Mountain Train. Kristi, Heidi and I performed hula for their Aloha train theme to earn free tickets for this one. The theme was Easter. There was an easter bunny and a little egg hunt when the train stopped. The train ride was about 3 hours total. Gunnar was in HEAVEN over it. He told us Thomas was working... as in the train we were on was Thomas and he had to work to take us along. There were a lot of little kids and they were all so good!

Kristi, Jeff, and Gunnar in Banks where the train stops for about a half hour.
Kristi and Jeff never get pictures of just the two of them so I took it upon myself to get some. Jeff tried to kiss Kristi in every picture at the last second. Kristi wasn't to thrilled with the idea.

On the train. What a BIG smile from the little one.
This was my favorite picture of Ren and Heidi. They didn't plan to look at each other and smile. Just sort of happend.

Can you see the snow? Looks like a sunny April day. But it was totally going through snow patches. Those white specs are all snow.

I didn't have any body to pose with so I found a nice cardboard bunny

Oh and Jeff tried to help me out too and pose with me. Check out all that snow coming down!

This one is nice of them.
Just chillin on the train

I liked this picture where you can see the long train behind us.

A close up

Gunnar and I were just sittin around and took random pictures. He thought it was great.
Oh and after the train Ren, Heidi, and I were starving! Rillz was now off work so we picked him up and all went out to dinner. Heidi picked Jalapenos because chips and salsa sounded good. When she went to the bathroom I told our server it was her birthday (because her birthday was the next day). Heidi soaked it up like a sponge. Haha... Happy Birthday Heidi!

Spending the day with my siblings was a lot of fun and I love them all!


Lizzie said...

Snow??? I am so so sorry. I can't imagine it snowing Easter weekend! Yowsa.

You and Rillz are so cute together.

Megan and Greg said...

Great pics! Looks like so much fun.


great pics! looks like alot of fun- and you look really cute in your pic-

Danielle said...

Those are such awesome pictures! It looks sooo fun!!! And you DO look way cute in all your pics. I like your glasses!