Sunday, April 25, 2010

new bed pillows

I have been looking for fabric to buy for new pillows. I decided to keep the comforter we have because it is a nuetral brown and I am poor right now so really don't have money to buy lots of fabric. Anyways, I was drooling over Joel Dewberry fabrics. Like these ones...

What gorgeous pillows these would make

Or this one by Alexander Henry... oh the birds! I am SO into them!
So after wiping up the drool and after buying the fabric yesterday at yard sales my mind went racing. I decided I would have to use what I had. I knew I wanted golden yellow still because of the side table, orange because I love orange and the orange chair, and brown because of the comforter. So this is what came out of the sewing machine. Let me tell you... today I have watched 3 movies so far and last night I watched lots of t.v. until 1:30 a.m. making 3 pillows. I read internet tutorials and decided what I wanted to attempt. At 1:30 when I finally went to bed I just sat there staring at the ceiling thinking of what type of pillows I was going to make today. Ok... here is the finished project, and one that was yucky and looked like a jester pillow that just was not going to work.

Sorry the picture is sideways. But this one is my very favorite. A bird of course. I keep going back and forth on whether I really like the birds legs. I wanted them long to kinda be different and artsy but I don't know. I still love this one though. The fabric is from the yard sale yesterday. And I love the golden yellow fabric.

I did the pillow tuck style in the back for all the pillows. It was SO easy! And makes a nice finish if you don't have a zipper on hand and don't want to get one (like me) :)

This fabric I have had for a LONG time. I loved it and picked it up years ago with intention to make a skirt or something. When I saw it in my fabric pile I decided... well it has all the colors I want. Golden yellow, brown, plenty orange and to my surprise the same purple color I just bought yesterday too at the yard sale. None of it on purpose. I just bought those fabrics yesterday just to have around because it was cheap. Rillz was skeptical about this fabric. But now says he likes it, maybe just being nice. I really don't care either way... haha. These were the first pillows I made.

This is the purple fabric I picked up yesterday at the yard sale. And the brown flower is from fabric from yesterday too. I like this pillow too but feel the pillow is too big and the flower too small. Any thoughts? Should I add something to fill some of the space or leave it?

The close up of the flower. The middle is a green square button. I wish I had something more flashy laying around but I don't so oh well.

My bed with it's pillows. Don't mind the red curtain because that is the next thing to go. Maybe golden yellow curtains with something else? I don't know what do you think? The brown pillows we already had.

Ok... this one is a bit embarrassing. It looks like a jester pillow and turned out so bad. Unfortunetely, it took a whole movie and then some to do it and realize it is total crap. But I did learn how to do the ruffle thing from this pillow so that is good. Needless to say... not going on my bed.

Ok so this is the start to the bedroom makeover. Any thoughts on the pillows (more pillows, less pillows, other designs that would look good with them) and any curtain color ideas? Obviously I didn't use Joel Dewberry fabrics, as much as I want to, I thought I should just save a little money for now. On the other hand, I need to buy curtain fabric and maybe something of his or similiar will work. Oh and I already told Rillz I am going to recover the living room pillows too. He was not as excited as I was. He is kinda attached to his boring faded brown and rusty yellow pillows... but not for long. hehe


Megan and Greg said...

Holy mole I've missed a lot of posted! I just wizzed by all the pics, I couldn't catch up. I LOVE the pillows- particularly the one with the bird. I love it.

Kristi M. said...

LOVE the Joel Dewberry fabric! Too bad you just had a birthday. Girl, you totally need a headboard asap. It would really ground your awesome pillows. That last pillow is a little crazy. I think you should add two more flowers to your purple pillow to balance out and then it would look great. The one does look a little lonely. Not sure about the curtains. You may want to go neutral to keep other things in the spotlight. I don't know. You need to check out the clearance section at Home Fabrics. You never know and they have lots back there. The overlapping technique is super easy and awesome.


I LOVE the pillows! LOVE THEM, and I actually think they look really good with the brown comforter you have- so that's great!- the curtains-- since you're low on the mula, but want the cool fabric, have you thought about buying a LITTLE of the cool fabric- doing a fat chunk at the top of the curtain out of that, and then the rest of the body of the curtain out of a plain solid cheap fabric? Love the fabrics you picked out too.

Danielle said...

hahah. You make me laugh..."the jester pillow" haha. Okay- LOVE THE BIRD PILLOW! So cool!!!!!!! I will put up the tutorial for the ruffle pillow this week- probably tonight. Promise! Sorry it's taken so long. I love your pillows. So great. And I don't think the purple one needs any more to it. It's simple, but perfect. Especially since it's kinda hidden by the yellow one. I love all those colors, so I like it a lot. Good job!!!!